Replacement for an old Audio Innovations 500

I've had an Audio Innovations 500 "in the family" now for 10 years. I used for a while and then gave it to my father. In the meantime I used a McIntosh MA5100, Rega Brio, Jolida hyrid something-or-other, Zen SE84, Linn Majik, and a handful of other items I can't seem to remember right now... Now I have it back. I suppose when it comes down to it I like it, but fear that my emotional attachment to the old gal is keeping me from moving on.

I'd like to accomodate for three inputs (int. phono or not), 4-12 ohm speakers, remote control is totally optional (I'm never going to be that far from the unit) and finally tube or solid state doesn't really matter at this very moment; I've heard both options that have their own good sounds.

If you were to replace this AI500, what would you replace it with?