Replacement for Edifier s350db Titanium Tweeter?

The titanium tweeter of my right speaker has become dented and I am looking for potential solutions to either fix or replace it. I have tried the manufacturer and they do not sell replacement tweeters for my model. Likewise, I have tried finding a replacement elsewhere with little luck. 
TAPE or a dab of super sticky something on the end wooden cooking skewer (flat end) DAB the dent and pull it out, If it's cracked, yikes..
very thin coats a bit at a time of silicone or something to stop the rattle..

You can let a dab of silicone dry a bit and pull the dent that way, then razor blade the dab off, be careful.. Few ways..

Vacuum cleaner with a hole in the hose, so you can release the suction or increase it if you need to..