Replacement for NE5532 opamp in preamplifier ?

I'm compiling information to upgrade a Sony TA-E80ES stereo preamplifier.

Among the recommendations I've gotten so far (see:, is to replace the stock M5238 opamps with NE5532.

However, I find (for example in the catalogue at that there are now numerous recommendations for replacing the NE5532 opamp.

Can anyone suggest, from the many Burr-Brown and Analogue Devices opamps, which would be a suitable replacement for both the M5328 and the NE5532?

Many thanks for any tips.

Sure, the NE5532 was a terrific design from an earlier era. Absolutely breakthrough. Today, you have plenty more choices. I like the OPA2134. Cheap and sound great. Sometimes the OPA2604 is even better. Both will be plug and play. Analog devices is another good source.

Agree re the 5532 as a classicly great opamp, along with the5535. When I do new mods on gear, I usually install sockets in order to try various op amps to find the "right" opamp for the unit. I have had good results in general with the 4558P (has to be the "p" version), TL072(fet), and the Analog Devices OP275... I find the 275 to be one of my favs and does well on most gear.... There are other choices albeit they are pricey and hard to find.... Have fun!!