Replacement RCA cable for Systemdek Turntable.

I'm trying to find a replacement RCA cable for a systemdek IIX turntable. I would like to improve on the ones currently installed. There appears to be a Linn "T-Kable" available for this, but it is very expensive and would like to find a more reasonably priced alternative... Does anyone have any experience with this, or know of a good quality cable that will plug in to this deck? Thanks for any help in advance.


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@jimsharpe - I replaced the cable on my old Rega II turntable and the improvement was well worth it

I’ve since replaced the Rega Arm with an Audiomods arm with a one piece harness and again the improvements were well worth the cost

So from my perspective upgrading your cables will bring significant improvements for what is a relatively easy upgrade.

Then you would be able to hear what a cartridge replacement would do for your system, but without good cables you are only hearing a small fraction of the music on that cherished piece of vinyl

Take a look at Zavfino phono cables (similar to the Lynn "T" cable), Starting with the...


Regards - Steve