Sony TTS 3000 turntable repair

I have a Sony TTS 3000 turntable that is having problems with the speed. I have had the belt replaced and adjusted the speed regulation on the motor, but the speed is still too high and the strobe is confirming it.

Does anyone know what could be wrong and where can I get this problem fixed if possible.

I am just starting to navigate through the Sony website but it is a huge company and may take some time to get to the right person.
Don't waste time on the Sony site as you will find many, many outdated links. Best way to solve is replace as the processor's needed are long gone.
I had several of them , they were good tables. About 1970 when they were current I decided to get another arm board, I couldn't find any so I went out to the huge Sony distribution center , in Queens I think. They looked all over the warehouse for some and finally found one, which they gave to me as they had no idea of the price and they said they would never get another one anyway. If that was their attitude when it was current what do you think to odds of finding parts today are. If you are really in love with it look at replacement motors but Buconero is right, it would be far easier to replace it.
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