Replacing Blown Meadowlark Blue Heron 2 Tweeter

I'm seeking guidance on how to remove a blown tweeter from a Meadowlark Audio Blue Heron 2 loudspeaker without damaging the cabinet.

The tweeter is recessed slightly (flush with the ash baffle) in a circular cutout. There are six T-15 screws around the perimeter of this ScanSpeak tweeter. I have removed these but the tweeter doesn't budge. There is no way to pry it out. I have a replacement tweeter at the ready but I can't get the old one out. There is no access from the rear of the loudspeaker cabinet where the crossover is located.

Any ideas, or help from any one experienced with this loudspeaker, would be greatly appreciated!
So as not to damage the cabinet, I would remove the woofer and put my hand inside the cabinet and push the tweeter out.
The tweeter is just stuck because its been in the same spot for years. Get a couple of really small allen/hex wrenches. Put the short ends of the allen wrenches in 2 screw holes opposite each other. Straighten the allen keys out so they are pointing towards you and the small ends are behind the face of the tweeter. Pull gently on both wrenches at the same time and it should pop right out.

If for some reason that doesn't work, crazy glue something to the face of the tweeter that you can use as a handle, and pull it out that way.
Put a 3 x10 wood screw in one of the holes, cock it so that the threads grip into the sides of the hole, use a set of pliers and apply steady pull outwards and it'll pop right out.

If you need a picture of how to do this shoot me an email and I'll send you a picture

Good luck

Hey everybody: I actually came across a more elegant (and cheaper!) solution. Fix the tweeter in place (accidentally) by loosening/tightening the three inner torn screws. The distortion went away! I called Madisound (who sold me the tweeters) and told them what I'd done, and they said it made sense in terms of the design of these tweeters. Seems I fixed it without having to replace anything!

Thanks, though, for all the thoughtful suggestions!