Replacing Ferrofluid In Kef Uni-Q Speakers

From a privious post regarding Ferrofluid, I am convinced I should take on the task of replacing the old fluid in the tweeters of my Kef Reference Model 3~2 speakers.
Now, this particular speaker utilizes a unique set up in which the tweeter is installed concentric into the center of the mid-range speaker.  Kef calls this their Uni-Q Array.
The tweeters part number is SP 1353, and are no longer produced.

So, my question is, does anyone have any past experience removing the tweeter from the mid range on this particular speaker design.  If yes, pleas share your remove and replace procedure.

I really don't want to screw this up......
I have owned the KEF Uni-Que 15.2 for around twenty years. I was not aware they had Ferrofluid in the tweeters. I will have to research this. After all this time, one speaker gave up, no parts available, so I bought a new (old, actually) pair.

I'm hoping they outlast me.