Replacing Mcintosh front glass.

I have an opportunity to purchase a MA6500.
It has problems with the front glass face plate. Looks foggy. Could it be delaminating?
What does a replacement front cost and can I change it myself I wonder?
It probabaly is just dirty. Mcintosh uses 1/4 glass and it is not a laminated safety glass when it breaks it cracks, not shatter. To replace I recommend calling Mcintosh and order a service manual and expect to pay about 15.00 and then you can see if it is just in need of cleaning or replacement. Becarfull not to wipe the ink off the inside when cleaning. I have had a few Mc peices that I have replaced bulbs on and they are little time consuming to get apart but not undoable if you have ever torn a toaser apart. The manual's exploded veiw helps a bunch on this.
If you have a local Mcintosh repair man take it to him. He can order the glass and check out your unit for you at the same time, well worth the money.
The new glass is about $200-$250. It is a bit time consuming to replace one (expect 3-4 hours if you haven't done it before) but it is doable.