Replacing my Martin Logan SL3 speakers.

I am thinking about replacing my Martin Logan SL3 speakers with box speakers, and I am looking for suggestions. I mostly listen to classic rock, but also some jazz and classical. My budget is around $5000 new or used. The rest of my system is

Audio Research Ref 110
Audio Research LS 25mk2
Audio Research Ref CD7
Clear Audio Innovation Wood Compact w/ Universal Arm
I had the SL3's and liked them very much. A step up from there would be either a pair of Vandersteen 2's or 3's. They are just as coherent as your panels but offer more resolution and body. I highly recommend you listen to them first, though. They're not as forgiving as your SL-3's. If you listen to a lot of bad recordings, its something to keep in mind. If you can find a good pair of ProAc 2.5's, you will probably like them as well. They fall somewhere in between the ML's and the Vandersteens.
Why are you replacing the SL3s with box speakers? Why not grab a pair of Prodigy's used for less than $5,000?

I have not tried the Prodigy but I did try the Ascent recently. The Ascents were less efficient and the panels did not seem to integrate as well with the woofers. I much prefer the sound of my SL3s. The other problem is that ML does not seem to support the older models very well. I have had the SL3s since 1997. I think that I want to try a box speaker for awhile.
The Prodigy's are a different game altogether. Try them. I don't know about this lack of support from ML. I've never had any problem or issues with their support staff. I've owned Sequel IIs and currently own a pair of Monolith IIIXs for quite some time. I've replaced the panels, power supplies and crossover using ML service and I was very happy with their service. However, if you are convinced, then the fun begins anew. Tons of decent speakers out there in your price range.


How are the Harbeth's with classic rock? The OP list that as being a primary genera.
Had the Sequel II from 1989 to 2005 when i decided to change to a different sonic flavour and got myself a pair of Verity Parsifal and never looked back.
The ML gave me years of musical enjoyment though but the panels and power supplies needed replacement which i did not not to invest the funds for the upgrade. Sold them for $700.00 i think. ML is a very good company indeed and NOT made in China.......yet.
Best of luck in your search.