Replacing Shindo screw type amp binding posts?

I have a Shindo Concertino 300b amp with very basic (and damaged) screw head type speaker binding posts (like the old Mac amps)
Looking to change to more conventional 5 way binding posts. Currently favouring Audio Note Silver terminals or maybe Eichmann Pods.
Has anybody upgraded or had experience doing the same?
Hoping I can achieve a safer and more convenient binding post without affecting the sound.

Audio Note Silver or Eichmann Pods are very good. You will hear an improvement based on the better material (better signal transfer ability). Best you can buy for maximum signal transfer is WBT silver.
If it were mine, I would stay with the barrier strip. I know a lot of people don't care for them, but they are very good. They work very well with spade connectors. Not only that, Shindo isn't exactly budget gear. I can't see them using inferior parts. At the very least, give them a call and see what they recommend.
Are you going to remove the entire barrier strip? If not, just adding another connector generally makes the sound a bit worse.