Resolution Audio Opus 21

I have had mine in my system for 3 days my initial reactions are all favorable. Jeff at RA said about a week to break in. I'll post my impressions in more detail in a week
I have had mine for about two weeks and i love mine. Only complaint is the spinning noise of the transport. I need to call Jeff and ask him about this. There is another guy who has one who reported this problem over at audioasylum. His name is edr i think. He really likes his, too.
Have either of you had CD50 or CD55 players previously. I'm curious how the Opus 21 compares.
Listener, I have owned both the 50 and 55 the Opus has the potential to be better than both
I'll let you know
My experience has been very similar to the others. I have a Cary 306/200 which I had compared the Opus 21 with and found the Opus 21 to be superior in detail and smoothness.
To me the Opus just sounds much more musical than other players I have heard. Listening to Norah Jones, for example, on both the Cary and Opus 21 was quite amazing in pointing out the differences. The Opus 21 sounds clearer while the Cary sounded a tad brighter.

The Opus 21 seems a steal for the asking price.

I did receive an email from Jeff regarding the whine, he says it is a result of using a CD-ROM drive.

I am pretty much used to it now and it doesn't bother me as much.
I had the CD50 and am intimately familiar w/its sound, so if you can compare to Opus, that would be appreciated--especially if using to drive an amp directly, which is what I do. I replaced CD50 with Accuphase DP55, which I am very happy with, but always looking for the next upgrade....