Resolution Audio Opus vs. Audio Aero Capitole MKII

I'd thought I made up my mind about getting a new CD player. I want something....more than I have. Currently I'm running a Theta Carmon into a Theta Casanova. I was going to upgrade to the Casablanca II with superior dacs but I'm not sure if that is going to get me much further along.

Anyway, from what I've heard these two players are the or among the most analog pleasant sounding CD players out there. I know I can order the Opus 21 and send it back if I don't like it, but I hate doing that.

I know I can buy the Capitole online for $4500 and sell it the next week for what I paid for it. I think the $3500 for the Opus is a good deal though. Especially if you think about the fact that it is direct and thus no 100% dealer markup.

I don't think I have either player in my area to test out.
where is your location? I'm 92553 zip code could audition no problem. The Capitole 2
I have never heard the opus but I have heard the CD50 and CD55 they are both great players, in there respected price range. How ever there is NO comparison between them and the cap. II, that doesn't answer your question directly but if I were you and the money was a concern I'd look into a cap. I. If Resolution audio had a product they could sell for direct competition with the capitole II they would- dollar for dollar that is. Tell us where you are there are cap II owners nearly every where perhaps you could hear it, after that I am sure the choice will seem clear. Enjoy the search!
i haven't heard the cap 2, but i have heard other audio aero players.

and the opus 21 is better than the AA i've heard - substantially. i feel that the opus 21 is the best player on the market next to the linn cd12.
I own them both at this time and they are both fabulous players
I prefer the Opus 21 just slightly because it just has that visceral impact control of the mid bass and bass that I so enjoy.They do rival each other in all other aspects. I think that you CANNOT beat the Opus at the price point that it comes in at, everything else that is close is at least twice the price. Direct to amp they both drive my Lamm's with aplomb
Thanks everyone for the replies. I'm in the Portland Oregon area.

Price isn't so much of a concern vs. just getting the best sound I can. I'd like to get my CD playback where I can live with it and then start working on SACD and vinyl. I plan on hooking up CD player to a Placette pre or perhaps direct to a tube amp.

Take a listen to the Audio Synthesis DAX Discrete system. It will probably impress you to the point of never thinking of a source upgrade again as long as you live. The system uses a modified Pioneer DV-47Ai for a transport, allowing DVD-A, SACD, and Redbook playback. I know of a user in Spain that states that he no longer feels the need for an analog system. The DAX Discrete Variable has an integrated volume control and sounds best without a preamp. There are no dealers in your area, contact Ric Schultz at Electronic Visionary Systems in Northern California for an audition. I don't think you will be disappointed.
Busaganashi- You've got the largest audio aero dealer in your home town! Give Jonathan at Chambers Audio a call 503.221.0465 He also knows lots of audiophiles in your neck of the woods so it would be a good contact to have either way. If you are thinking SACD in the future you MUST call him he is the distibutor for the best digital source on the planet- ask him about the Meitner. If you have the money forget both of these players and get the Meitner- I am selling my capitole II and have my Meitner ordered already.
Thanks for the info Tireguy. I'll give him a call. I'll look around for information about on the Meitner too.
Don't forget about the Audio Synthesis unit. I am guessing it is probably not in the same league, on SACD, as the Meitner, but I would guess the Meitner is probably not in the same league as the Audio Synthesis DAX Discrete on Redbook. These are only guesses, so I would encourage audition of both. There is also the added benefit of DVD-A.
yet another Capitole thread- yawn... I have owned it (MK I) and auditioned MK II in my system. While the sonic signature is easy to listen to (bass on MK II WAY superior to Mk I), I feel the transport section in both players is weak point- I know, 'cause I tested other superior transports into the digital 'in' of the Cap, and the result was quite superior to the Cap running full range.

Depends what you value, but for me, from the transport section, its the ability to extract as much information from the disc as possible- the Cap players do not do this IMO as well as other players (in particular, separate high-end transports). Am curious about the Res Opus 21 though- have heard good things about it. OK, that's it- back to the NHL playoff games- Colorado and Minnesota going to OT. Three Game 7's tonight- gotta love it!
Sutts, the game was excellent, and I loved the result. There has been a lot of good sporting events lately.
Wellfed- yah, it's a great time of year- especially for me as a Canadian, to still have a couple of our teams in the NHL playoff race.

By the way, I love your audiogon name, but have always wondered about it. Is it just that you eat very well- i.e. nice restaurants, or a partner that is a great cook, or what?
Sutts you tried the Capitol 1 with other transports is this correct? Wondering because tried my Capitol 2 Fed by Theta data 3 transport [which is very close or maybe better than a Levinson 37] using XLO UNLIMITED Aes/ebu cable there was a improvement but it wasn't worth the $1500 investment in equipment cost it would be justified if it cost $500. I'm wondering if the transport in the mark 2 was made better or improved over the mark 1 transport. Your definitely correct about the bass change in the mark 2 it change was awesome have 0 complaints about Mark 2 bass.

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wow Welfed- a spitually derived Audiogon name- very cool!

Mejames- the transport ws improved in MK II (I believe they use an aluminum board as opposed to wood in the first one- someone told me that once). But yes, my current transport/dac combo beat the Cap Mk II quite handily, albeit at quite a higher cost...
Regarding the Meitner on redbook, it is peerless. It converts redbook to DSD and sounds extraordinary. The only thing I have heard that's better is the Meitner on SACD. The AA Cap is very, very good and definitely worth an audition. I've heard the Opus, but not with familiar components so I can't make a cogent comment about it.
BTW, I'm a huge Wings and Leafs fan, so needless to say this is a sad time.........
Since the thread has taken several twists anyway, can anyone tell me how the Naim CDX would compare to the Opus 21 or Capitole mk II? I have considered buying a used CDX. Would I be better off buying an Opus 21? What is the price of a used Opus 21? A used CDX is about $1800 - $2000. Thanks for any help.
Used Opus 21 does not exist. Anywhere. If it did, I would expect it to be marginally discounted from $3500.

I have not heard the Meitner DAC, however considering its pedigree, I am sure it is quite impressive.

Peerless is an absolute term that is impossible to defend without having heard all of the competition. Have you had the opportunity to listen to an Audio Synthesis DAX Discrete? If the Meitner sounds better than the Audio Synthesis on Redbook it may very well be peerless.

In any case, these are pretty exciting days for digital sound reproduction, as well as for NHL and NBA fans. Throw in the NFL draft this coming weekend and we might be approaching overload. Life is good.
I never speak in absolutes. And fundamentally I don't feel there is a basis to anything.
I have never seen an opus for sale. I heard there was one a month or so ago, but it was seen at 3am and by 8am the listing was gone.

I am assuming the seller got bombarded with emails, but maybe not, who really knows? Streetdaddy...was that you?
I got an email about a used one and it was for $3000. I'd prefer to buy it new at that price. If anyone is interested though the person responded to my wanted ad for the Opus 21.

I spoke to RA and they said the Opus 21 is back in stock in two weeks, but I'm still having a hard time deciding. To be honest I think either way I'll have a great player and any differences are probably more than my meager listening skills can determine. :)
All the units discussed here are surely going to be enjoyable. I have never heard the Capitole, but I have heard the Prima and was quite impressed.
Actually my Theta gear is pretty good right now. I was playing a Patricia Barber CD the other day and my wife walked in and said "It sounds like her concert we went to."

It actually did sound pretty good, but then I think...could it sound better?
interesting enough i think res audio has been making some of the best digital gear in the world for a long time now,recently i had the opus 21 for an audition,just wanted to see what it could do against my older digital gig,the opus 21 was an outstanding contender,however no match to my older res audio transport and double quantum reference set up which is about 7 or 8 years old,even Jeff was somewhat surprised!
Alred- I'm not at all surprised by that- I have not found a one-box player that has beaten my Spectral/Audio Note trans/dac setup- FAR superior to the Capitole (which I owned for a year and a half)