This probably should be in a different category, but I find my analog friends very knowledgeable. What's the deal on these brass dish resonators or the ceiling resonators? Do these things really work? To beat all, one is a Stereophile recommended product. Makes me wonder if I should re-evaluate all that I have read in this mag. I have to say I'm very skeptical. I remember back in the '70's, there was a tweek going around that advised one to place concrete blocks on top of their amps, then there was the one that suggested to place coins on top of your speakers-very specific coins in an exact $ amount. To me, on the surface, these resonators remind of suggestions like those. I saw an add for a T.V. show in a mag, and on the stage, there was about 16 of these brass resonators on a four sided column. Wow! Maybe we should all place 12" stainless steel cubes on top of our speakers or amps, with one side painted in black and white stripes 1 inch wide and 1/2" apart-that should do the trick.
Heres a good old story that explains the phenomena, written many many years ago.

The Emperors New Clothes

Proper acoustical room treatment is money much better spent, IMHO.

As always, Good Listening

A nice review of the Tchang Acoustic Resonators by 6 Moons at:

Tiny little bowl acoustic resonators are a proven technology and have been around like forever.
pbnaudio said.."Proper acoustical room treatment is money much better spent, IMHO."

But...resonators and devices like them..ARE acoustical room treatments"..or am I missing the whole point of putting them..IN the room?

BTW..I use the Highend-Novum PMR Premium No.2 and it most definitely has made an improvement to the acoustical environment in my listening room and my enjoyment of music.

Nice write up here if your interested...
There is very little value in them. Yes they do something subtle but you could get the same type of EQ effect many other ways.
Some effective acoustical devices include Tube Traps, Corner Tunes, Shakti Hallographs, tiny little bowls, crystals, Skyline and similar geometric diffusers and Mpingo discs. I won't even mention the SteinMusic Harmonizer or Magic Water Bowls. Some ineffective acoustic devices include Sonex, chairs with foam padding, acoustic tiles and empty beer bottles.

If you read the fairytale I posted a link for you get my take on these. In most cases you "hear" a difference because you are told you will.

I had the full demo in my own listening room of what I call the "christmas ornament" treatment. Took the whole package down upon the departure of the sales man and heard zero difference - the $4 to $5K price tag seemed absurd to me so it was returned.

But to each his own If you hear an improvement good for you

Good listening

I suppose that, as for any audio device, there is the possibility of operator error or a system that is not up to the task or ears that are not up to the task. I'm quite confident that some playing around with location of the Christmas Tree ornaments, especially if there are more than one or two, is mandatory to obtain the results that are realizable. There are simply too many rave reviews by all the major magazines and positive customer testimonials over the years to take negative reviews too seriously. We see this sort of thing all the time with Shakti Hallographs, Shakti Stones, Mpingo discs, Schumann Frequency Generator, VPI Brick, SteinMusic Harmonizer and even power cords and fancy fuses.
If you are in to sympathetic vibrating metal, then why not install actual cymbals in your listening room. A six pack of stage quality Sabians cost $1,100. They certainly look more musical than the little bowls.

save your money or get real room correction. There are many on offer these days and you could EQ to taste if that's what you are after.

You would be mad or stupid to drop 5k or more on theses resonators. Buy better kit instead.
Regards, Geoffkait: Have to agree about the beer bottles. When listening with friends the enjoyment of music increases proportionately to the number of empties. How they are arrayed seems to make little difference, YMMV.