Resoution Audio or Electrocompaniet!!!!

I have heard great things about these two companies. Has anybody heard both: the Electrompaniet EMC-1 and the Resolution Audio CD55? I am looking into buying one of these two. Help!!!
I've had the EC EMC-1 since November and can't complain. It's a very smooth sounding CDP which really gets the tone/timbre correct. It might not be the end all/be all at the freq. extremes, but I can't argue that it makes my CDs sound ALMOST as good as they can. I have had the pretty blue light on top, go out twice, even with the upgraded part, but in my rack, I can't even see it anyway. I'm going to open her up again and fashion my own version. Email me if you have anymore questions, Chris, Miami
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I own both units and like them in different ways. send me an email and i'll fill you in.