Reterminating NordOst Valhalla RCA ICs?

Has anyone reterminated them with WBT Nextgen Copper/Silver or Eichmann bullet plugs? If so, how would you describe the sonic improvement?

Sub question: is there a minimum length for the RCA interconnects one must abide, i.e., they can not be shorter than, say, 40cm (as opposed to the shortest commercial 50cm version)?
Bump. No one dared or did the moderators removed the answers?

Let me extend the question to (Valhalla) power cords.
I think the reason you are not getting many answers is by re-terminating Nordost cable will generally bring the value way down. I have seen Nordost cables for sale that have been re-terminated come from Asia. I'm sure they are soldered BUT am only guessing. As far as length my dealer tells me that the length is determined by the sound. As far as Speaker cables Nordost claims 4 meter is ideal or any multiple of that ie 8m - 12m etc. Also with the Norse and Reference series 4 m is actually a bit longer than 4m. Supposedly it has to do with the sound. Ic's I'm not sure about.

That being said you own the cables and there is no Nordost cable police and you can do what you like with them. You will kill the re-sale value. One thing I found is Nordost stopped using the nextgen connectors in the Norse series2 cables and went back to the moon-glo (dealer tells me the moon glo sounds better with the series2 or maybe it is to keep the cost down). They also stopped doing bi-wire on the speaker cables because of a phase shift problem.

Power cords should be very easy to re-terminateand I doubt anyone would know if you put the original wattgates back on. But personally I think when most folks spend those kind of bucks on higher end cable(s) they don't want re-terminate anything.
Taking a step further (or literally back) for power cords: one could contemplate to remove the AC male plug (be it copper, gold or silver or rhodium plated) and wire it directly into the wall or power conditioner (though that is not conform with the building code). Is in this case a connection less, a better power connection? I would say so, what say ye?

Xti16, I for one am not that concerned for the diminished value as I don't change power cords that frequently. Valhalla could be passed down to the 2nd system if one happens to like another brand/model. A new manufacturer offering a paradigm shift in price/quality may be likely (and I hope for it to happen), but then again someone could come along offering components in other categories, e.g., sub 1k amps that obsoletes current 10k+ models.