Revel F52 or Canton Vento Reference

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Anyone care to opine on the the differences between the Revel F52 and the Canton Vento Ref. line up ? I'll be using this with Revel perfoma 12" subs and the following: Classe Six pre, Mark Levinson 23.5 power amp, Sota turntable, and a Classe Dac-1 / Parasound transport. My room size is about 13' x 20'. I listen to all types of music but mostly jazz, and rock at mid volume levels. I've heard both manufacturers products and value other observations.
Thanks in advance
Depends on which Reference you are talking about.

The Cantons are a quick tight and slightly warm speaker, with the larger reference (3.2, 1) added exceptional bass, they are a bit more friendly and more musical to my ears than the F52. Even the small Cantons do bass surprisingly well, but not to the degree the F52 will given it's three woofers per side.
hi, it depends on what the rest of your equipment is , I personally think the revels are much better than most speakers that I have heard regardless or brand or cost. they are very good ! hear them with pass labs amps and belcanto dac 3 and tell me they are not warm , but with a huge soundstage and lots of detail. I run f32s with belcanto and rogue m150 monoblocks and love the sound, anything but thin or unforgiving, in fact the more I listened to the new performa line of revels the more it sounds like real music. I think that you should be very carefull when auditioning them , make shure you hear them with several different kinds of gear, they can sound thin and bright , or warm and musical depending on the rest of the system !! good luck , chrissain
Thanks for your comments. As mentioned in my first post the rest of the equipment is Classe Six pre, Levinson 23.5 power, Sota table, Classe Dac-1 with parasound belt drive transport.

I've read the Levinson Revel combo is a good one.
Anything else you care to add is welcome
hi, yes the revel mark levinson combo is great. You should really go check out the revels and do the research between the two companies, revel has better r&d than just about anybody, thats why they sound so good. I will say that the canton has it all over the revels in looks and finish, its the only thing wrong with the revels, I wish they could figuire out how to make there speakers look cooler, and more like fine furniture. good luck , chrissain