Revel in walls speakers as ceiling speakers

My sales guy is recommending putting in Revel W873 Speakers in my Atmos setup instead of C783 in ceiling speakers.
He believes you get better sound having the speakers separated. I cant find any info about this online or in the forums. Has anyone gone this route? Would you recommend it?

The W873 has a 7" Woofer and separate tweeter. The C783 is a 8" Woofer with tweeter over woofer like most round ceiling speakers.

My Floor Speakers are F328be (3 x 8" woofers) and c426be (4 x 6" woofers) Center Channel. I am currently using F206 as my surrounds but plan to upgrade to the m126be down the road.  Rears are S206 bipolars and jl audio f113 subs. All powered by Lygndorf mp-60 and lygndorf 2400 amps. (plan on upgrading to mxa-8400 when available next couple months.)

Thanks for any input.
I would say it's almost a wash.  The difference between 7" and 8" in this application isn't going to be much at all because you're not able to do a proper enclosure (you're using the inside of the wall for enclosure).  The C783 speaker only requires a small hole, which may help in certain ceiling locations.  The crossover on the W873 might be a little bit better.  The W873 is a couple hundred dollars more.
Thank you for the input. I had just never heard of using in wall speakers in the ceiling and didn’t know if there was any reason not to put them in. Sounds like it would work though. Especially since revel is offering them at same price since they are out of stock on the c783
yeah, it would work.  These two choices are so close, it would be hard to determine which is actually better.  The tweeters and woofers use the exact same materials.  If you can get the W873 for same price as C783, then go for it!
What about the revel c763L? Has enclosure and tweeter and woofer are directional. 
I just had a set of Tekton DI in wall speakers developed specifically for my theater room including ATMOS ceiling speakers and two double 12 inch subs.  Eric at Tekton worked with me on the dimensions that I needed.  Depending on your budget and size requirements this could be an option for you.