My friend own a pair of REVEL SALON 1 paired with a pair of CAM 400 ( CLASSE AUDIO) with a CJ PREMIER 16 MK2 pre amp. The actual cables are some Wireworld cables. He want a shorter run 1.5 M. ( not bi wire). He try AUDIO NOTE speakers cable (SPE, silver) with success. Any other well matched cables suggestions for the Revel are welcome.
Not flagship price but with a good ratio price/quality!!!!!!
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I used the Audience AU24 speaker cables, (bi-wired) for my Revel Studio speakers, (the Salon's little brother), and always thought they were very good, especially for the price. (I paid about $400, used, for each of my two 2-meter pairs).

My two cents worth.
Good luck in your search for, (your friend's), speaker wire.
I used 2 feet (or less) of AudioQuest Volcanoe speaker wire from my monoblocks. They were very good compared to some others I tried.

I used Audience AU24 interconnect from my Pre to monoblocks. I thought these were great.