Revel Ultima Salon opinions

Browsing local sales, I find a pair of Revel Ultima Salon available locally for under $6k.  That seems like a fair deal considering they were MSRP at $15k new.   I've not had a chance to see them yet but the photos look good.

Any of you folks have experience with these?  I've only heard the more recent Performa2 and Concert3 models. 



Fantastic speakers.  But be aware that revel does not have or make any replacement drivers if u ever have one go bad for the older salons.

@toddk31 Thanks for the reply and info.  Not being to get replacement parts does make the purchase a bit more risky.  Valuable information.

I bought a new pair of Revel 228be for $6300 not too long ago. It is a better speaker than the original salon imo. I would pass personally and hold out for a pair of studio 2 or salon 2 or grab the 228be use which go for around $6000. Even the 226be with subs is pretty good. Food for thought. 

I sold a pair in perfect condition for $57005-6 years ago. they are nice but if you have an average size room you can do better, and like todd said no more replacements. TBH while revel speakers don't have major flaws they don't bring any energy to the party.

As an owner of speakers no longer produced, it’s no fun walking on eggshells fretting about blowing a driver someday.  IMHO, as good as the Salons are, there are tons of great speakers out there so don’t put yourself through the stress.  For a similar price used I’d suggest Joseph Audio Perspective, Acoustic Zen Crescendo, Vandy 5, Nola KO, etc.  You get the point.  Life’s too short to worry about blown drivers. 

I had a pair that I inherited in a business deal lol. Sent them to revel to be repaired to fix some issues caused by the previous owner. Revel could not fix them and had to pay fright to get them back. Over 900 spent on freight ouch. Sold them to a guy in China who air freighted them to China and said he got them fixed, how I don’t have a clue but at least I got some value out of them and now own the salon 2’s. Even though I thought revels customer service was less than good. 

@soix   Thanks for the reply and suggestions.  I am not sure if any of those are available here in Vietnam.