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Hello This not the CD of the Month.This not another cheap Chinese CD player . Strenths first, every feature on this unit "" Works"" .Something I cannot say about my Previous exspenive Wadia, Cary, and Audio Aero machines did. Unit has four 6922 tubes so tube rollers knock yourself out. The stock Amprex tubes sound fine to Me . I can"t see how this unit can sound even better. Weighs in at 33 pounds and is beautiful in Black also. Not to mention the Las Vegas light show too .And this is the only Chinese built unit that I was able too use my balanced cables without any sonic degration of the sound .It fills up the room with detail and warm sound,No mechanical sound at all and is sensitive to cable and power cord changes also , So use decent cabling with this unit it will pay off ,My money Stealth cables makes the best out there.Its top loading so you need a little room . You can sit for hours listening to this unit , I even sold my Esoteric 60 unit and pocket the cash difference .For the money as of rite now best unit for the money ,One dealer claimed it compares to his $5000 units and this a dealer comment. And you the dealer is going to make a lot more profit on a $5000 unit then a $1850 unit.This unit is as close as it get to my record player I have heard so far , I bought this unit not even hearing it but just looking at the pictures of the build quality and price ,Very smooth and quiet backround sound to this unit . There is a couple on line for sale now . You can"t go wrong .Good Luck

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Manley 250"s, BAT 32SE, Focal speakers,Stealth, and Synergistic cables ,

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hi guys,just picked one up myself,tried a Cambridge Audio 720,sent it back and tried the 128,LOVE IT...both looks and performance are excellent,using JPS Lab FX rca,all works well
thanks John
I'll chime in and say that I have the Raysonic cd 128 and it has finally broken in after 200-300 hrs. of play. I have to concur with what Dave Pogue and others have said about the 128. Let me tell you, I felt some frustration and doubt as I waited for it to come around. Did some PC changes and power conditioner changes with it as well. But now it has proven to me that it is a real champion player. Clean and smooth top end; rich, textured, and full midrange. It's also very detailed. Let me not forget, INVOLVING; this player is very involving! For the retail cost and higher, it seems to me that it must be considered by anyone planning to spend up to $3k. Like others have said, it's heavy (I think 33lbs), the build quality is rock solid, it works flawlessly, and the looks, while truly unconventional, are of high end quality. A final comment, as others have said also, it is very much like listening to analog. I have no affiliation with any dealer or Raysonic. I'm just impressed with it! I think this player is something special, and I've had some good players in my home before. My system: Blue Circle BMPH integrated, Acoustic Zen IC's and SC, FIM outlet, Raysonic CD 128, Reimer Wind River Speakers.
Setting the record straight - in addition to the stock tubes not being Amprex the unit weighs 24 pounds, not 33 pounds. I haven't heard it but am considering an Underwood HiFi modded unit. Anyone out there have one of those? I'm trying to choose between a new modded Raysonic 128 or a used Audio Aero Capitole SE.
I have the new C128 modded by Underwood HiFi only one
week. Twenty hours of play time so too young to make
any firm judgements. However, I replaced a five year
old ML 390S for this unit and can tell you that I am
not sorry in the least. (The packaging is darn near
10 pounds so that makes the dif in the wgt.) Clean,
involving, bright, inviting music that even my wife
appreciates. You want "dynamic", you got it. Have not
heard the Audio Aero Cap.SE. I bet even the unmodded
C128 would satisfy. Go for it.
I'd love to hear a modded unit alongside my unmodded CD128. But for now, after almost a year, I'm happy as a clam. Best digital I ever heard, especialy via the XLRs into my XLR-equipped Aesthetix Calypso. Done any tube rolling yet?
Still smiling with the OEtubes. Considering external
DAC next. Some A/B exploration would be most appreciated.
Glad to participate.
I think you'll have to go some to beat the internal DAC -- I tried a couple with my unmodded 128 and it wasn't close. As for tubes, a friend tipped me to JAN Philips 6922s, hardly an audiophile favorite but seem to work especially well in this player. Do a search on Ebay and you'll find plenty for $15 per tube (when I bought mine they were under $10, so step lively!). Good luck, Dave