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I should be clear in that I have never used a wet cleaning machine such as the VPI, and I have always previously used just a dry brush (I use the audioquest brush currently). Although I expect the VPI will give good results I cannot justify the cost since I have only 100 albums, of which I regularly listen to maybe 50. The VPI would work out at nearly $8 per album ! The $40 orbitrac works out at 80 cents per album.

My vinyl setup is also modest, with a rega deck and cartridge and a Mission/Cyrus 2 used for RIAA equalization.

I have been using the orbitrac2 record cleaner for about 2 weeks and I have found the results to be astounding. I have several LPs that are nearly 20 years old, and many newer LPs that I acquired used. In all cases a simple 2 minute cleaning with the orbitrac substantially reduced surface noise. Some LPs were previously almost unlistenable, and now are very enjoyable, with only a very small amount of noise noticeable during quiet periods.

The LPs also look much cleaner. All visible dust, fingerprints etc are removed. Sicne I have been quite careful with the handling of my LPs they have very few scratches, but over the years (particularly a 5 yr storage period) they have acquired quite a coating of dust.

In summary, if you are a casual vinyl listener, or wish to dust off some of your old LPs for some reminiscences of your youth then for $40 this cleaning system will transform dusty old records to a similar sound to a new record.

I think I will get much use from this device, and since I plan to store the albums in plastic sleeves from now on I think only one or two cleanings per year per LP will be required. On that basis I expect to get at least 2 years' use from my $40 investment. The audioquest brush will continue to be used for each playing.

Associated gear
Rega planar 3, Rega super bias cartridge.

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Nothing wrong with that. Cleaning comes down to how good a job you do, all the fancy equipment just makes it easier, and easier to screw up. I once spent a good couple of hours cleaning a bunch of records, and I had to go back and redo every one because the "lips" on my vacumn were contaminated. I learned. I generally also clean my records only once, clean records tend to stay clean records, especailly with the aq brush. And new sleeves, of coarse.