Review: APL Hi Fi NWO 4.0 Master Edition CD Player

Category: Digital

I just had my NWO 3.0 up graded to the 4.0 Master Edition. What an amazing transformation. I was very content with the 3.0 but, this upgrade made my system SING. I was able to hear information that I had never heard before. I can actually hear the placement of instruments in orchestral works with sonic focus and bloom. With the female vocals; I was able to hear the emotional nuances of the singer and even movement of the microphone in live recordings.The sound stage is well defined without being hyper-detailed. The lows are deep, tight and controlled. The midrange is to die for. Highs are on par with analogue.
With some of my live recordings of jazz, I almost felt like I was there.

This unit now equals and can beat my Saskia and Talea / Dynavector XVs 1T turntable system.

This by far is the best CD/SACD playback system that I have owned and heard.

The 4.0 Master unit configures the AKM DAC's specially with low noise transistors ( a new break-through from Alex ) and uses special Lindaul output transformers with Oxygen Free copper wires.
Alex actualy had tried Amorphous core transformers but ultimately felt that the OFC Lindauls are the best.

Not only is this a great stand alone CD and Universal Player. I have experimented with using it as a DAC with wonderful results using the M2Tech EVO USB adaptor and computer Laptop.
Using Media Monkey and Monkey Tunes , I can control my entire digital music collection with my IPAD while sitting on the couch if I am lazy.
If I want to get more exercise then I switch back to using it as a CD player.
Thank You Alex for this wonderful work !!!

Associated gear
ASR Emitter Blue ,
Saskia Turntable with Talea arm
Genesis 1.1 Speaker System

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Dear Hifirabbit,

Thank you so much for the nice words, I appreciate it!

Just to clarify, what you have is the new NWO-M. This is the Final Edition of the NWO series digital players. I also felt it is on a par with the best analog, so I've decided to stop here and concentrate on my other products such as DAC boxes, amplifiers, etc.

Thanks again!

Alex Peychev
My NWO-M has been breaking in over the last week. I am running it in about 16 hours a day.

With digital units I have owned, the sound demonstrates some inconsistency as the unit breaks in. Mercifully, the Master is showing me glimpses of things to come. My early impression is that there is more of everything - especially bass and midrange detail.

I had provided an upgrade deposit to Alex who ordered some parts and populated circuit boards. Then I shipped my NWO 3.0 GO to Alex. My downtime was just a little over 2 weeks including the coast to coast shipping time.

It appears that Alex has another winner. APL owners expect it.