EAD TheaterMaster 8000p vs Integra Research RDC-7

I'm almost closing a deal in a Integra Research RDC-7 for around $3.000, but I got a proposal for a EAD TheaterMaster 8000p for $4.000. I'm not convinced that I should spend $1.000 more for a processor with less features than the Integra, such as component video switching, dts-es, plII, balanced outuputs for all speakers...

EAD's dealer keep telling me that the TheaterMaster sounds better in 2-ch music than the Integra and that it also has better components inside. I still not convinced, but maybe you can help me.

What do you think? Should I get the Integra or spend $1.000 more in the EAD? Did you have the chance to compare both units?
I just replaced a Denon AVP-8000 preamp with an EAD TM-8. The TM-8 sounds much better then the Denon but check carefully that you don't need more than the limited number of inputs and video switching. If you need video switching I would go with another brand.
I understand your dilemma. It it hard to get someone to contribute on either of these pieces, let alone both.I'd be begging my dealer to let me take it for a spin. Just as an aside;generally from a dealer you would pay more;even if it is used.(Than a pri. pty) The RDC-7 at 3k would be gone in 60secs if it were for sale here;the EAD at 4 might not go as fast;If that says anything...?

I dont know if this will be of help but I own the RDC-7 and am very very pleased with it (never listed to the EAD). It seems to me that the Integra has all that you can think of and is also future proof (which was very important to me).

The Integra is a very fine unit and I dont think that you will be disappointed with it as it is an excellent unit for the price (and probably more). I like it better than the Krell HTS to which I have previously listened.
All I can comment is I own the Integra and I love it. And if you can get a new with warranty Integra for 3000.0 {If you buy unauthorized you wont have the password for future upgrades} . I would buy it today . I love mine so much I believe Ive had it on everyday since I bought it 8 months ago.
Thanks guys. I've just closed the deal on the Integra and will be sending it to the latest upgrade (THX Ultra 2, new bass management...). I hope I enjoy the Integra as much as you do.
Im sure you love it. Have had mine for around 8/9 months.
Funny thing is the machine has been out for over 2 years.
I clasify it as having tommorows technology, yesterday!
My biggest surprise is for an HT processor, it has 2 channel stereo sound second to none! Let me know what you think, Michael
And I just ordered the EAD TM8000 and should get it this week. I was interested in upgrading my 2CH sound since I have a 2CH/HT combo. It auto sensing 2CH input and switches automatically. With my Marantz, I have to manually select 2 CH when playing music.