Review: Argent Audio Pursang S Interconnect

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Several weeks ago, Ric Cummins of Argent Audio/Rosinante sent me a pair of 30-inch interconnects to audition, his latest called "Pursang S." Ric's standard length cable is 30 inches, and I was informed the same is true for the Pursang S, which retails for $1,075.00 (pair).

My digital rig is comprised of an Accustic Arts Transport (my Forsell Air Reference Transport requires repair) and an Audio Logic 2400 tube DAC. I do not use a pre-amp, although I have in the past, because the Berning ZH-270 amp has a volume control, which I ultimately prefer to go direct in order to capture the most detail that I can (okay, I admit that I am detail freak, but not at the expense of musicality). Therefore, in my audition I used only a Purist Audio Dominus RCA digital cable from the transport to DAC, and the Pursang S single ended pair of interconnects from the DAC to amp.

Due to recent repair issues with my Forsell Air Reference Transport, I purchased a good replacement transport five months ago, which performance did not rival or equal my personal favorite transport. The replacement transport did not measure up to the finite delicacy, resolution, detail, pulp ability, and elegance of the Forsell. However, my system still retained the clarity, largeness (width and depth), warmth, and full-bodied sound that I have come to enjoy and expect. In my large listening room, I want tonal balance and the ability to play big, and even BIGGER!

Now, how does the premise of my previous paragraph pertain to this product review? Well, I was quite surprised to hear that with Ric's latest interconnect cable, Pursang S, my system had recaptured the elegance, detail, and refinement that I had previously lost, without sacrificing other positive qualities or strenghs that my system had attained and retained. I began to wonder if the Pursang S made that big a difference or the electricity had improved considerably overnight? I knew I had to continue my audition sessions for several more days before passing judgment.

Still, the results were the same after auditioning the cable for two more days. In my personal opinion, the Pursang S is a very quiet cable that does not interfere with the music. This cable has the headroom and bottom that allows for tonality and dynamics, with the refinement, detail, and resolve to clearly decern each note played by instruments and vocal, without veiling or edginess or brightness that can be convey during digital playback. Full bodied and dynamic vocal playback can be extremely difficult to achieve, as these recordings can be very bright or edgy at the upper midrange, not with the Pursang S.

As an example, I listened to Linda Ronstadt's latest album release, Hummin' to Myself, in which Linda is not ashamed to belt out vocals directly into the microphone. The Pursang S was able to convey the dynamic range and strength of her voice, where other high end cables that I have used either rolled-off at the highs or conveyed a hardness or ringing sensation. Another cd album, live recording, that I had used in my auditioning sessions, was Benny Green's "Testifying." With the Pursang S, the dynamics and key separation of Mr. Green's strokes on his piano was endearing and defined. I have heard this recording in my system many times before and failed to hear the detail that I heard with the Pursang S.

My personal Kudo's to Ric Cummins for his recent achievement, the Pursang S. When interviewed and asked what is the improvement to his latest cable, Ric stated that he has improved the method of accelerating the capacitive discharge of all non conductive materials within the cable.

Associated gear
David Berning ZH-270 Tube Amplifier
Forsell Air Reference Transport or Accustic Art Transport
Audio Logic 2400 DAC
Legacy Focus 20/20 Speakers
Sound Application Reference Line Stage
BPT Signature 3.5 Line Conditioner
Purist Audio Dominus RCA Digital Cable
Argent Audio Pursang S RCA Interconnects
Argent Audio Pursang S speaker cables
Walker Audio SST (all connections)
FIM Shelf (under line conditioner)
Gingko Cloud 10 & IsobaseK (under transport)
Clearlight pucks and cones (under DAC)
Electraglide Ultra Khan II Statement (with amp)
Electraglide Ultra Khan II Statement (with line conditioner)
Electraglide Mini Khan (with transport)
Electraglide Mini Khan Plus (with DAC)
Room Size: 30' x 18' x 12'

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