Review: Audio Aero Prima cd CD Player

Category: Digital

Finally! Done. This was the last piece of my audio system upgrade. (I'm replacing a Micromega Stage 2 cdp) I know I did it backwards, but timing, good deals, and a little serendipity, had a lot to do with my source material being the last of my upgrades. Not really the recommended way to go, but hey... Well, guys, it worked out perfectly. This CDP is probably the best thing out there, not only for the price, but twice the price and maybe even more. It's, believe it or not, probably 90% of its' big brother, the Captiale, and they share many of the exact qualities. The Prima matches up beautifully with my YBA. Truly, a perfect match. The Passion, also, being a sweet, but ass kicking ss. With the Cardas GR, we have total synergy. This is one seductive, sensual, sweet cdp. Saxes, violins, tinging hi-hats/cymbals are soft and finely detailed. Instrumental texture is world class with great bass punch/slam. The tube benefits along with great clarity, speed and texture really enhance the sonic bloom of all instruments. Vocals are intimate and sweet. The treble is so tube like, it's amazing. Delicately soft, but not at the expense of extension. The word sweet keeps coming up. I haven't had this baby long, but I'm still freaking out. Everytime I hear another CD, I flip. The soundstaging is detailed and deep.
I waited for a long time to get this baby. It is back ordered and will be very hard to find. Audio Aero is giving more priority to their Capitale, ($9000) which is also a long wait. I bought it new, obviously. Hard to find, but I can turn you on to the guy I bought mine. This is one CDP that is well worth the wait. I am not an easy guy to please, but this baby is absolutely incredible. And it's only $2200. (can be found, nicely discounted, though) Thanks for listening. Email me with particulars if you don't want to post. warren

Associated gear
Revel M20s
Sistrum Mini Monitor Platform support system
Cardas GR ICs
Lat International speaker cable and power cords
Audio Magic Stealth
YBA Passion Integre
Sunfire Architectural Subwoofer
Sistrum rack support systems for Passion and Prima
Wood rack supported with Audiopoints
Hi Warren,
I’m glad to hear you completed your system. It looks and I’ll bet sounds very nice! Next you’ll have to post some pictures. Take care.
Warren,you're gushing.
That's okay I've had mine for about 8 months and
I'm still pinching myself.Glad to hear that the Golden
Reference is working out.I am using the Golden Cross
and it performs admirably as well.
I see you have coupled your players suspension.Interesting.
I think I'll try it out.
Were you able to demo an Ayre CX-7 CDP?

All I can say is that it is $3k retail and worth every penny.

I liked the Ayre better than the Cary 306/200 or the EMC-1 mk2 by a very big margin.

See my review here for the Ayre.

I liked the Prima considerably more than the Carey. The others: haven't a clue. This CDP is unreal. Regardless of price. I've been putting it through some serious listening. My ears can be very unforgiving, but my expectations are being, more than, met. It's all broken in, and purring. Piano pieces are beautiful. Peterson, Tatum, Evans, Jamal, never sounded better. These little tubes in this baby are the deal.
I actually don't think you did anything "backwards", FWIW. Sounds like you're a most happy fella, enjoy!
Warren- I am very doubtful you are getting 90% the performance from the capitole, the prima I am told is a great player for the money how ever it doesn't use the anagram chip, which is where a lot of the magic(not to mention expense) of the capitole MkII. comes from. Any product that uses anagram software/hardware is fairly pricey but is usually as state of the art as it gets. Have you actually compared the cap. II to the prima?
In the high end game you pay a lot of money for that 10%. Give me a break here. 10% give or take--don't hold me to a subjective statement. Maybe it's a tad less. It's a helluva player. What can I say? How's 80%?
Every CD I listen to, is a new treat. Jazz, particularly, is (my favorite) wonderful. This CDP is, really, quite incredible. I thought my Micromega Stage 2 was doing it. Ignorance is bliss. Now, I can get down, and just listen and groove. I've, finally, completed my system. (hey, I know there are tweaks galore-instore) All you audiophools have helped me, either directly or indirectly. Thanks again. warren