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These are my first pair of expensive speakers. Before, I used some nice (I thought) 3 way speakers from Sears and bestbuy, which cost in the neighborhood of $200. They were the typical 3 way rectangular box speakers with cheap crossovers and even cheaper drivers. Not worth mentioning.

The Axioms are in a completely different league. The SPL is far greater with two of these and the Counterpoint than with four of the others and a Technics 50x4 SS amp. Keep in mind that the others had 12 inch bass drivers, and these are ported 6inch I believe.
The purity of the sound is far greater. I can actually hear the full sound of an instrument now, but I did not know that earlier I was missing so much. The detail is impressive.
Power handling is amazing. Even with two compared to four speakers, the db level is greater, with no apparent distortion or muddiness. I can turn them up until my ears hurt, but nothing happens to the music except that it gets louder. Actually, I begin to hear even more of the detail, as you would expect. I believe that the drivers in this cabinet may actually want lots of power to perform best. This might be a good thing, but it might be a bad thing too. I don't believe that I hear as much detail with the speakers turned to a very low power.
Soundstaging is good, although I believe it will get better when my new speakers wires and IC and Phono IC are burned in. I just got the whole system together, and only the amp and speakers are burned in.
The looks are great, and though I have the cherry which everyone says is not the best, mine have no flaws and look great (to me).
I am using the speakers on a carpeted slab in a big room-- 22' x 20' by 10'. These have no problem filing the whole room with great sound. How they compare to others in their price range I don't know, but I feel confident that I got a very good deal (I bought mine used with 200 hours on the drivers, from someone I trust) for a few hundred less than the retail. I certainly would recommend these at the retail price, and if you can get them at the scratch and dent or used prices, well, it's a no-brainer.

Associated gear
Counterpoint SA-100 Hybrid Tube/mosfet amp, Straightwire MR-24 Spkr wire, MAD Pearl IC, Parasound PPH-100 Phono, Rega P3 with modified RB300, VdH Phono wire

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Do you have the speakers on spikes? If they are standing directly on the carpet, you can get even better sound for real cheap, by using spiked feet under them. A very effective easy improvement.
I believe these retail for $1100 directly thru Axiom. While not having heard them my understanding is that for the price you would have a difficult time finding a better speaker. Lots of very satified customers with reviews on
I've seen numerous rave reviews for these speakers, but I ordered a pair and sent them back within a week. Expensive listening session, cost me almost $200 in shipping, so belive me, I tried hard to like them. It's hard to explain what I didn't like about them, as they had a pretty seamless sound, but they just didn't make me feel the music, if that makes any sense? They had a harsh lower treble even in my heavily dampened room. I just thought they sounded too thin, just not enough weight to the midrange. I bought my son a pair of Dahlquist QX-9's for Christmas for $550 shipped from Canada and they just blew these away IMO. I don't mean to knock this speaker, many really like them and their customer support is second to none, but they just wern't my cup of tea.
I don't know how much this relates, but I REALLY tried to like the Axiom M3ti, which has much in common with the M80 in the mid- to high freq range- & like jack, I found them very clear, but a bit thin and harsh especially at higher volume, I think the presence of the tweeter makes them a bit more suited to home theatre-