Review : BAFO RA-RCA2-6F-V1 Premium RCA Audio Cable with vintage XAM / Sony

Budget Esoterica Review Magazine 

October 2022 Issue


BAFO RA-RCA2-6F-V1 Premium RCA Audio Cable


It should come as no surprise that certain companies are pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the realm of inexpensive cables. Cables are just cables after all and they should not be expensive. The BAFO interconnect sells for under $10, and it is a state of the art cable that should not be dismissed by audiophiles simply because of the price. The BAFO cable is designed in the USA and made in China. The back of the packaging reads, "Highest Quality Interconnect", and "Superior Performance Guaranteed". After listening to them hooked up in a small classic system, i can certainly agree with those statements. 

My review system consists of a small XAM integrated amp rated at probably under 10 watts per channel and a set of cheap classic Sony speakers with a six inch woofer and a two inch cone tweeter. Source is a small run of the mill Denon dvd player that got favorable reviews many years ago. By all accounts this is a low-fi system , but it displayed the talents of the BAFO interconnects very nicely. Upon first listening i noticed excellent noise reduction properties. This cable has an uncanny ability to strip the noise away and leave you with pure music. The dynamic properties were also excellent, both with bass and the highs, which seemed to have endless headroom. The sound is very open also, and the imaging is impressive. Levels of musicality were very high. 


Listening to Diana Krall , The Girl In The Other Room, my inexpensive system with the BAFO interconnect had a fullness and purity in the mid range that beat out a much more expensive comparator system. "Black Crow" had a very natural , neutral character with a slight openness to the sound. The vocals were ultra-smooth. Vocal intelligibility seemed above average. "Narrow Daylight" had an excellent vocal range and expression of emotions. The guitar sounded thick and strong. My expensive system had more tonal color. 


While listening to "Deacon Blues" , by Steely Dan , i noticed good separation of vocals as well as a slightly open sound in the mid range. The saxophone titillated my senses with its open silvery/golden sheen. Even the highs had a slightly silky quality. Overall, i was impressed that a system of this vintage could sound so good with a $ 10 interconnect. 


I highly recommend the BAFO stereo rca interconnect to beginners, audiophiles and all music lovers that are looking for a bargain. This interconnect will be tough to beat for  anything close to the price and well above! This is my new champion $ 10 interconnect and i dare you to knock it off its perch. Congratulations, Mr. BAFO. 

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Congratulations to the OP for finding some IC's that he likes at a bargain price!

XAM was the house electronics and speaker brand for the Korvettes department store chain. My high school friend's father had an XAM integrated amp and speakers back in the Sixties.