Review: Bedini Electronics BA-801 Amplifier

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I have been in search of a Bedini 801 amplifier for quite some time. I finally found a beauty from a fellow Audiogon member. I am a jazz drummer and listen to mostly newer jazz artists and classical recordings. This amplifier just makes the Audio Physics sing with authority. The soundstage and imaging extends far beyond the speakers and just has that "i'm there" sense. I replaced a tube power amp with the Bedini and almost fell of my chair. The bass firmed up and the highs were not edgy at all. I could not be happier with this amp. It will be in my system for a long time. The only faults I can find with this amplifier are the use of a non removable power cord, and plastic binding posts. The best part of this amplifier is that although discontinued since about 1990, Bedini still has product support and repair service.
I had been told that Class a amps get very hot. I do not find this to be the case. It does get rather warm to the touch, but never too hot to touch.
Overall, I think this amplifier is the proverbial diamond in the rough.

Associated gear
Audio Physic new Sparks V4
CAL CL-15 CD player
Forte Model 2 Preamplifier
Synergistic research Alpha X2 Cables
Project xpression2 turntable

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Hi Skipper320,
I just saw a ad for a 801 eleswhere and checked Agon for some reviews. Your looks like the only one thus far. I too am a jazz lover(old school mostly)and am currently using Tim Rawsons gainclone amp (bpa300). I have had several of his amps in the past and like his approach. Bedini been around for a long time and thus the interest in the 801 being sold. Thanks for the review and have a Merry Christmas and great New Year.
Regards, Bret
I just bought the one 801 listed tonight. Whats nice is that the owner recently sent the amp back to John Bedini for service and was told the amp is good to go for another 40 years! That sounds good to me! Cant wait to hear this nice amp drive my Quad 63 USA's. If it sounds as good as my current Threshold S/200..Ill be very happy indeed!

Hey Ken congrats on your purchase. Hope it brings you years of listening pleasure. I think I'll keep what I have for now--no complaints. Peace.
Hi Skip..Thanks for the quick review. Let us know how your enjoying the Bedini after awhile..

Thank you also Bret...Ill be sure to follow up with some impressions of my own..Enjoy your nice system ! Have a great holiday guys!....Ken
I had much equipement at all price points and several Bedinis. These are real sleepers. An excellent amplifier for a very reasonable price.
I'll second that, I have about six Bedini amps and I love them ......And I like the Bedini service with John and Gary Bedini in control......Thanks to them the legacy lives on.........
I still have the little 25/25, a popular choice for the original ("57") Quad loudspeaker.
I was talking to John Bedini the other day and he told me that had just found two new 801's in his shop, so if you want one, now might be your last chance.....autospec
John Bedini can build a kt88 vintage ? could be good match to my speakers Rogers ls3/5a 15 ohms? anyways I appreciate info if is posible make this amp

Mariano, Bedini makes solid state amps only, so you'll have to look elsewhere for a "KT88 vintage" (KT88 is a tube). I don't know what you mean by "vintage", but there are plenty of nice new amps that will run KT88's, including the Music Reference RM-200 Mk.2. (currently included in Stereophile's Recommended Components list, if that matters to you ;-). There is one offered on Audiogon right now for $2400, a great deal.
In the meantimes, I trying the Beedini 45 and the Bedini 150 mk2, with speakers Sonus Faber Minima Vintage in one set and the Rogers Ls3/5 15 ohms in the bedroom set.

very nice sound both amps.I prefer the 45/45

I have two of John Bedini kt-88 mono amps ....I'm working with John to maybe build a few more of them..... I have two more test amps that I am working on with John right now, But Johns brother Gary is quite sick right now and John is spending quite a bit of time helping him......autospec
Well I'll be! It's surprising to hear of a ss designer/builder getting into tubes after so long as a ss only company. I still have a 25/25, a nice little Class A amplifier.
These Bedini KT-88 amps were designed many years ago, they are far from a new design........And if you have a 25/25 IMO you have the best solid state Bedini amp........I have several of them............autospec
Yeah autospec, it's the original version of the 25/25, not the Meg whatever version. I used it for years with a pair of old Quads, as did many others. That pairing is legendary.