Review: Cary Audio Design CD-306 CD Player

Category: Digital

Had my ears on the new Ayre 5Xe universial.Not so fast, regardless what they say in those Stereofile magazines .Just heard the new Cary 306 SACD player and bought it,It had more definition and seperations between the insturments and bigger sound stage.And 50 lbs of steal, transport is also top quality, not a cheap plastic draw .Don"t take my word for it go check it out , One listen and your sold on it.Not cheap ,goes for 6000 grand but this is the best red book CD and SACD player out, Good quality red book CD discs sound as good as the SACD discs .Go for it you only live once and there is none for resale on Audiogon,Well I guess my girlfriend won"y be getting an exspenive gift for Xmas.

Associated gear
DK Mark 11 amp, Reimer McCuller speakers , NBS Cables

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Ayre 7Xe, Ayre5Xe
Yep that is what i thought I have a cary 303/300 and love it but the 306 is in a league of it's owne. It is so detailed and smooth. My dealer sais it is as close to vinal as you can get in a CD. I am sorry I listened to it, I may have to upgrade.
Good review Passet02, though a bit short & terse. Would like to hear more about what other digital sources you have owned, auditioned and compared it to?

Ditto to others that own or have heard this pc. -- how does it compare to say something like the Audio Aero Cap. Mk II, Denon APL 3910, Wadia 302, Sim Moon Eclipse, Classe CDP-100, Accuphase DP-57, etc.? All of which can certainly be purchased in the used market in and around the same relative price point.

Also, does the Cary CD-306 have "direct out" capability, or is this an add-on factory option? Any tubes inside this thing?? (Inquiring warped audio-minds want to know !>)
I heard both the Cary 306 sacd and the Bel Canto PL-1A at the same time and I thought the Bel Canto was the better sounding player on all formats. I just sold my Wadia 301 and hoping to get a uni player in the next few month's. The Cary was at the top of my list but now the Bel Canto is. I will give the Ayre a try next week and I hope it sounds better then the Bel Canto because it cost much less. One player I heard last week that shocked my at how good it was, Is the Meridian G08. It put my Wadia 301 to shame but no SACD. I would love to hear the Bel Canto and the Meridian next to each other.