REVIEW: Channel Islands Audio PC4 MK II passive controller and C100S amplifier

The “Audiophile World” has recently broken outwith a plethora of Class D designed amplifiers. I’ve just recently spent some long and intense listening periods with the modestly priced Channel Islands Audio PC4•MK II passive controller and the C•100S Stereo Power Amplifier. These “Class D” designs offer far greater efficiency as well as some superb performance capabilities, combining high power efficiency and output without the “humongous” prices that dominate the ‘high end’ world with, in most cases, all the performance of the latter. “Class D” efficiency is typically in excess of 90% compared with 60% for a “Class AB” amplifiers .

If you look back to the past year, The Sound Advocate has literally had our hands on some of the best of these amplifiers. My previous experience with Class D shows that in no uncertain terms, all of these products, be it ICE or Hypex modules, are truly first-rate sounding pieces of equipment. Let’s be a bit more specific here, shall we? As I have proclaimed, “A properly designed Class D amplifier can compete with the best Class A in performance”. This, thankfully, is what Channel Islands Audio is after. Indeed, they have most certainly succeeded in this venture!