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I have enjoyed for awhile the Blue Circle Thingee (an ugly budget powerline conditioner made by Gilbert Yeung in Canada). It seemed to remove a layer of grit from the music for costly (Krell) as well as cheaper (Sophia Baby) components. Only one conditioner for two systems - bad. I found myself avoiding the system without the conditioner.

Patrick Cullen of Cullen Cable makes... cables :) He also makes a couple of power filtering products. For $65 plus shipping you can get a replacement to the in-wall power receptacle that also filters the incoming AC. So I asked him for one.

The Perfect Plug should fit into a single gang box instead of the existing receptacle - and it probably does in most cases. However, it didn't fit in mine (house built and electrical wiring laid down in '58). Out of curiosity - I connected the wires anyway and plugged in the power cord - and was pleased with the improvement - similar to what the Blue Circle Thingee did earlier. But alas, I won't have it hanging from the wall.

Patrick graciously took it back, thought a few days, then came back with a fix: the same Perfect Plug, this time enclosed in a box, and outfitted with a short Cullen cable. No replacement of receptacle, but rather an external Perfect Plug filter ending with the Leviton receptacle box.

Perfect interaction with Patrick - he went above and beyond to make the customer happy (and I am!), and an excellent product - solid built, with perceivable impact on music reproduction.

Highly recommended.

Associated gear
Sophia Electric Baby tube amp
i20 Pure ipod dock
Audioquest Ruby interconnect
Analysis Plus Oval 9 speaker cable
Zu Omen speakers

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i know this is an old post but based on what he had produced for you, he duplicated for me. This was after I had read your post. Regards, Dave