Review: Decware Gizmo, make your Lowthers sing Tweak

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The Gizmo is an impedance/phase correction device for Lowther drivers. I was highly skeptical of the claims they make for this product , but it has made a major improvement in my system.

Before installing the Gizmo I was very happy with the sound of my system, but it could be a little bit "in your face" on some recordings. Vocals could be a tiny bit grating sometimes which I attributed to the infamous "Lowther shout." I was willing to live with this because otherwise it was the best I have been able to put together. This device has smoothed things out without taking anything away. Vocals now sound as real as I have heard and from top to bottom the presentation is more realistic.

A 30 day money back guarantee and a price of only $100; what do you have to lose? To sum up, as Guy Clark said on his wonderful LP "Old Friends," this is the second best hundred dollars I ever spent.

Lowther America also has a review on these that you might be interested in.

Associated gear
Lamhorn with Lowther DX3 drivers
Cardas Neutral Reference cables
Modified Bottlehead Parafeed 2A3 amps
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Herman, I think I'm going to try a set of those next month when I get some money.
For an overview of the product as seen through the eyes of its' creator and how / why he came up with such a product, try taking a look at Steve Deckert's "Decware / Zen Audio" Website. I will only add that i see several problems with how the measurements on the Lowthers were taken, so observe the printed graphs with a grain of salt. Sean
Gizmo update. I got a new CD player recently, an Ayre CX-7. I took out the gizmos and everything just opened up. I now hear how much they rolled off the top end and constricted dynamics. That was a good thing when I had a Toshiba SD-9200 DVD-A player, but they just choke the life out of the Ayre.
As someone that is personally familiar with the inner workings of Decware, their "design lab" and how they do business, i tried to say what i could without going off the deep end. I don't doubt that the Gizmo's do nothing beneficial and only produce what some might call a "pleasant distortion" that band-aids other system flaws. I can understand how you ended up with Ayre gear and could hear the difference that it made in your system. As a general rule, Ayre gear is very nice sounding and well designed. Sean