Review: Ernie M's Power Box

I "won" an auction for this kit, then finding that I overpaid for it did not get me off to a good start. (My fault for getting caught up in the auction). When the kit arrived, I immediately dismissed it as a pile of junk parts. I built it anyway (fun, too) and thought the directions were OK, but could have been a tad bit better (e-mail me Ernie if you want my thoughts). Then I tried to imitate the unit by going to various hardware stores (I couldn't). Earnie puts together a good kit, and I am kind of proud to look at it sitting under the equipment. I am not sure how much difference in sound I can hear, but, not yet fully burned in, I do believe that the background is quieter and there seems to be a bit more resolution in the highs. Overall, a good kit. Fun to build, and an asset to my system. (Magnum Dynalab Etude, Toshiba SD 9200, Jadis Orchestra Reference, Harmon Kardon Sixtys) Thanks, Earnie, as you "did good", and please accept my apologies for my own ignorance. Overall, highly recommended.