Review: Fosi Audio stereo rca interconnect

Budget Esoterica Review Magazine
February 2019 Issue

Fosi Audio Stereo Interconnect

Okay, i found another inexpensive interconnect that i like from Price is $10 for a 2 meter stereo interconnect. The rca plugs found on the Fosi interconnect are very high quality. The cable is made from tin plated copper core and includes a two year warranty. I found this cable to be a neutral and transparent performer. 

I used the Fosi cable between my Advent 300 receiver and magnavox cd player and the results were very good. I am currently studying a track from the bags and trane Milt Jackson and John Coltrane cd. Track number five titled , "The Late Late Blues", was the song that especially stood out for me. I played this track over and over again and started thinking that the upright bass playing from Paul Chambers, was the foundation for the whole song. My classic stereo system with the Fosi interconnect displayed a nice "tuneful" quality to his bass playing. The sound was as transparent and neutral as i wanted it to be. 

A big thanks to Fosi Audio for coming out with a reasonably priced interconnect that performs well. The excellent rca plugs and overall construction is very good quality. You can't go wrong with this high value interconnect.

Associated Equipment

Advent 300 stereo receiver restored and with audiophile jumpers
Magnavox CDB-482 cd player with Mad Scientist power cord
Teac speakers
Virtue Audio Nirvana speaker cables
Atacama speaker stands
What? They don't cost $1000 a pair?
Probably garbage then. Just Kiddin'.


I've had really GOOD results with Blue Jeans interconnects. They're not expensive either; but really good quality.

I'm going to look into Fosi a little deeper; maybe for interconnects on the second audio system in the bedroom(that's coming together SLOWLY).