Review: Gamut D200 Amplifier

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First some background....I've been using Bel Canto 200.2 monos for 1-2 years on (Talon Khoruses) and was generally satisfied, but bothered on occasion by an overly 'ripe' midband on some recordings, and especially sax and trumpet and some vocals.
After reading the TAS review I thought that maybe the Gamut D200 (original) could be just what the doctor ordered.

Well...yes, and no--but mostly yes. This amp is more 'neutral' than the Evos. More detailed. The musical information comes across faster and cleaner. There is more air and instuments are better placed in a wider soundstage, and a bit further back--and better layering. Did I mention how quick things sound? Guitar and bass plucks sound incredible. Best of all, the ripeness through the mids is gone. I don't cringe any more listening to Blanchard's trumpet or Turney's sax or Pidgeon's voice.

Sound's near perfect--but--there are some things I miss that the Evos did very well. Some have mentioned a similarity of the Evos and SET amps (I know it's not really the same but there is a hint, a family resemblance, of the immediacy of a SET sound). It's more intimate, more of a sense of 'reach-out-and-touch.' The Evos do this better than the Gamut. Also, the low bass on the Evos is fuller and feels deeper, more fleshed out--not more impact but more color. In comparison the Gamut seems a little lean, but only in comparison.

While the Evos gave me a bit more in a couple areas, the Gamut was excellent across the board. Its sins were of ommission rather than commission and, for me, that is easier and more enjoyable in long term listening.

So..I kept the Gamut and sold one of the Evos and kept the other-- for those times I crave a more intimate session (and for summer when I want to keep the AC off). While 2 Evos is better than one, it's not that much better, and the sound is quite similar.

I also have an Aloia 13.01 inductive amp that I also really like--smooth sounding and beautiful, pure and lush, but without the over-ripeness. But ultimately, I couldn't get past the lack of bass power. I think the Talon's woofers are just to big for the Aloia.

All in all, the Gamut delivers.

Associated gear
Resolution Audio CD-55
Talon Khorus
Acoustic Zen Silver Reference
Wireworld Silver Eclipse 3
BMI Shark & Whale
Electraglide Fatman 2K

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Nice review of the GamuT D-200.
It is truly an under-rated amplifier because most people have never heard it.

Those that have heard it in person, tend to always walk away impressed.

I will be doing a review of the D-200 soon.

Have you checked out the new Aloia 15.01 amp? I am using it on my Khorus's and it controls the woofs like no other amp I have heard. I am a bass junkie to boot. And all of the other niceties of the smaller brother...