Review: Golden Tube SI-50 mkII Tube amp

Category: Amplifiers

This review is going to be short.

If you happen to own this entry-level tube integrated, please do yourself a favor:

1) Triple up the power supply’s capacitance from 2 X 470 mf to 6 X 470 mf. Do not forget to shunt 470s with the smaller capacitors to reduce noise. If you do not have that optional phono stage installed, there is the spot available.

2) Replace 12AU7 drivers with 12AX7s (Sovtek will go). KEEP 12AU7s in the pre-amp section.

3) Roll stock EL34s with the matched Svetlanas, and let the entire mod to burn-in for 20-30 hours.

4) Enjoy.

That "signature" SI-50 mkII veiling, soft dynamics, and decent lack of focus should go away now, making your unit a serious contender among push-pull integrated amps.

Associated gear
Theta Basic II/Theta DS Pro II
Meadowlark Shearwaters Hot Rod
Cardas cables

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