Review: GoldNote

I wanted to make a review we can outline so you can get to what you find most interesting. Thanks in advance for your perspective.

I. Sound stage & imaging, Watts vs. impedance vs. distance. Physics, rules & philosophy 


II. Melody: pitch and time. Treble, scales, chords, the octaves. Bottom-end. Trembler, octaves.


III. Genre


IV. Costs


V. Time and resources of research.


Sound field is expressed sometimes a simple as a diagram. 2-channel Points and points create a triangular body of music with a variable image. Dolby atmos conversely explores a systems entire capability with layers of pre-amplifiers, front-end units and ceiling effects usually on a purists or sublime engineered from Class A/B & Class D amplifiers.


Dolby atmos systems cutting edge creates an music image textured and dynamic. As tempting as is it is to put the two against one another, I visualized in awe the capability of Class A/B GoldNote PA-1175 MkII pre-amps. Horizontal Bi-Amping and the ultimate epiphany; “…look how happy I am”  to discover the theater capability of amp and pre-amplifiers.


A musical truth so fine that one could feel the octaves.


The upper and lower dynamics and textures in-between. 


The Gold Note Valore 425 delivered an uncompromising performance for a price.

Their entry table costs $2750 retail and that’s the beginning of their system designs thinking. Power suppply, phono stage and one additional power supply for the phono stage brings total to $7643


Meet the Moonlight by Jack Johnson was an intimate conversation with onselves as always with Mr. Johnson’s albums a few things came to front and center why had it become so sublime with tube amps and studio effects? Why had the ukulele become something more valuable than it was before or more narrowly focused how did I know how to play it after having played my guitar? The idea that the hobby knows no limits was the simple reason he wants to aspire to a new movement of listeners that may already know how talented Jack Johnson already is. These weren’t criticisms but rather epiphanies that he went to a whole new level with his abilities, tone, and presentation of music.


American Teen by Khalid moved by the accented with echoes and flaps.

A new appreciation for reverb & trembler. Who knew dressed down bee-bop or pop would be so fun?


A 7.2 theater becomes my new venue. 





Still needs bass traps and acoustic diffusion…


40+ hours of play time with Valore 425 ranged from Selena Gomez to Lumineers. For the first time I walked away from listening Coldplay and contemplated their genre. 


Are they grunge?


How different THX or Dolby atmos was with a power amp and preamp. It’s as if buyers remorse evaporated before our very eyes when I experience to movies this way…

Suddenly free of the jaded feelings that put me where I was in this “av” lifestyle.


Now that I am understanding this added value, and catching the new brand releases at their inception. The GoldNote DS-10 Plus Evo or “Digital Chameleons” made their advent recently, & how subtle yet so honest to a sound stage. A nice natural rounded sound.


Lewis capaldi grounded our sound stage before this. A SOLID TECH rack claims to eliminate up to 77% of room vibration, filling their tubes with sand or lead could yield even higher results. The rounded and coherent sound was true to the fundamental bass. How thankful I was for the sonnet and the cadence but also the element for something phenomenal as dynamic wave theory could achieve.


Author: Francis Hall Villarreal