Review: Krell KSA-200s Amplifier

Category: Amplifiers

Well, I owned this amp for awhile and it sounded very good, a lot thicker then the KSA150 and lot of bass slam. Soundstage is wide and deep. It never sound grain or harsh, most important, it runs barely warm even after 3-4 hours listening due to the sustained plateau biasing. I did once use the CD player straight to KSA200S and the sound is a lot better than without the pre amp, but most of us can't live without pre amp unless you use only CD player(with vol control of course).Built quality is just like Krell, hardly be better. And I like the Krell remote to turn it on and off (cool!). The only thing I don't like it is the heatsink is sharp and does not look as attractive (aggreesive!?)like the older Krell like KSA150 or KSA 80. But sound quality is first rate.

Associated gear
Krell KRC3, BAT VK3i, CJ Premier 14

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