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The Lennox Lounge on 125th Street and Lennox Ave (7th) in Harlem NYC is a Great Bar, With Great Food and Great Music. The Zebra Room in the back of the Lounge is a dedicated Live Music Room. Billy Holiday, Prez, Byrd Earl Fatha Hines, Monk all the greats have hung here and swung until the wee wee hours. Smalls is gone There is a fake Cotton club on the West Side on a 125th but the Lennox Lounge continues to be the real thing on a nightly basis. There is a open mike night where the cover is five bucks and the hat is on the piano (A Grand) and when a headliner comes in it is all good. The Lennox Lounge is apart of the Harlem Renaissance that is not gentrfied or cliched. It is a part of the Harlem Community that has a direct provenance to the greats of Jazz.

When I lived in Harlem the Lennox Lounge was like my living room. I would stop by every night after work and have a cocktail listen to the Juke Box have a conversation, sliping into another time and place. The Music was alive and real, hiting it high and hiting it low. I was invited to the Granduncles birthday party and treated like a regular, Uptown at the Lennox Lounge.

If you like live music in a small room and you want to hear it the way it was meant to be heard Take the A train (or the 6) and get to a 125th street

Merry Christmas '06

Groovey Records
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Dexter Gordon Go Blue Note Records 4112

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Grand Piano, Hammond B3, D'Angelico & Gibson Guitars. Big Horns ,Sweet Sweet Music

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Yes, this is a great tweak.

As the world has become overrun with Starbucks and MP3, it is nice to know you can still find real, live, authentic music and atmosphere somewhere.

Let's just try and not talk too much about the Lounge outside of Audiogon, or it might lose its magic.