Review: LessLoss Dynamic Filtering Power Cable Power cord

Category: Cables

I have been playing with the LessLoss PC for about a week. It is everything as advertised: darker background, more dynamic and details, nice tonal balance, etc. I am very pleased with it. I agree with all the reviewers too and have one more data point to add.

I've found LessLoss PC improves much more on my stock Transporter than my highly modified ModWright Denon 3910 player. The improvement on my stock Transporter is very impressive. However, on the ModWright Denon player, the improvement is there but subtle.

On the stock Transporter, I have used the following PCs:
1. Shunyata Diamondback: it seems to emphasize the mid range and has slight roll-off in the highs.
2. JPS GPA2: it is more uniform than Shunyata but less refined.
3. Acoustic Zen El Nino: it sounds slow and loses a lot of details.

Personally, I played violin, guitar, and trumpet when I was younger. Professionally, I am an eletrical engineer with BS, MS, and Ph.D. degress in EE.

Conclusion: LessLoss PC is a keeper. Thanks Liudas for a good product!

Associated gear
SlimDevices Transporter
ModWright Universal Truth Mod Denon 3910 player with external tube power supply and Bybee AC treatment, tubes are Bendix 6900s and Mullard Blackburn 5AR4
BAT VK-3iX with Superpak and Sixpak upgrades
Counterpoint NP100 hybrid power amp with Basic Gold Package and Bybee AC treatment, and voiced to SET amp sonics (i.e. with sharp edges removed!)
JAS Audio Orsus loudspeakers
Velodyne SPL-1500R sealed subwoofer using high level input and 40Hz 3dB freq.
Shunyata Guardian PLC

Similar products
Shunyata, JPS, Acoustic Zen
In my 40 years of dealing with this hobby, it has been too infrequent that a superb product comes along at a bargain price.
Remember the NAD 3020?
Remember the Quicksilver
HP from TAS had a lot to do with this in his Bargain Basement recommendations.
It was helpful info for students(me), and those of limited means.
Now that I am financially able to spend large sums of money on gear, it is still nice to shop in the ever so rare Bargain Basement.Which brings me to the LessLoss.A bargain if there ever was one!
I threw my NBS Black Series out of the room.
Ditto for my Anacondas,
Purist,PS Audio, Audience, and all AC so called purifiers.
Veils have been removed,any noise or hum....GONE! Miraculous!
I will be purchasing more to complete my headphone system.Emm Dac6e/CDSD/Pro Ject.
Looking forward to a AC
Purifer, even if I have some doubts at this point about its potential usefulness. And something to handle my Krell MRA's and MRS's.
Kind regards to Louis Montek for offering this
Wonder of wonders factory direct..