Review: Michael Wolff Source and Gain Cords Power cord

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As you will become quickly aware, I was not an English major. And, I do not often try to articulate my what I hear. However, I have had such a good experience with Michael Wolff's Source and Gain cords that I wanted to share it.

Michael's use of Carbon fascinated me. So, I emailed him to try his Source cords. I should have realized that if a manufacturer offers his product for a trial without charge, the he must be very confident that most will buy it.
He shipped them the same day and set my expectations that they would take a couple of weeks to sound their best. After about 3 1/2 weeks, I was listening one evening and thought to myself that I had deliciously good power. Everything sounded great. The noise floor was low, the music was dynamic, strings and vocals were tonally beautiful. The soudstage had an ambiance all its own. The next evening I still had the great sound. I thought our utility had upgraded some equipment or fixed a problem. So, I packed the Wolff cords up and was ready to ship them back. The next evening I discovered the nothing had changed with my power. It was the Source Cords. I went through a bunch of power cords that I had on hand from a Shunyata Diamondback to a BMI Whale Statement Supreme and none of them gave me the same good sound. So, I bought the two Source Cords.

Michael offered to send me two Gain Cords for mt VAC 70/70. I really didn't want to spend another $1,400 but I thought I would check them out for future reference. I bought them too. Now I have a Gain Cord on my First Sound Preamp - another trial. Interestingly enough, this last cord has made a much larger inprovement than I thought it would. It only has about 30 hours on it. Last night I was listening to the 3rd track on Diana Krall's new CD, Temptation. The piano playing at at the left of the soundstage sounded strong and alive. It used to be rather faint. My soundstage usually recedes form the front of the speakers. Now is is just there - to the front, to the sides, and behind. I don't perceive the front plane anymore. It is really cool.

I would usually have thought that a couple of thousand dollars would best be spent on equipment. However, the Wolff cords that I have now made as much of an improvement in my system as did moving from my old Sony 5 disk DVD changer as a transport to my Accustic Arts Drive I. By the way, Michael is a very nice guy and easy to work with.

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Brooksl, I am using Source cords on my pre and CD, Gain cords on my mono amps. Four cords total. The only non carbon cord I use is on my Kinergetics subwoofer amp, an ATI 1502.
With the limited frequency I don't think the cost is justified for the sub amp. I tried every possible combination without a carbon cord trying to save a few bucks, but eventually had to have all carbon cords. The difference in this version Source cord versus the original in my system is tighter bass, more depth, more detailed high end without any grit or grain but still having bite when called for as in brass and percussion.
I also think the Pure Note Cerulean IC's and speaker cables contribute to the overall musicality of my system. They are a new addition for the past four months. I got the Wolff cords a few months later. One thing I haven't tried was a Gain cord on a source component, but I don't think that would be an advantage over the new Source cords.
I am in complete agreement. I recently auditioned one of Michael's Source cords to use on my Meitner DAC. I had assembled a group of some very highly regarded cords for a shootout. The Source Cord was the clear winner - dynamics, detail, and mid-range weight. Others sounded either closed in, or thin and bright by comparison. I would suggest that anyone looking at PC's take Michael up on his free audition.
I have just tried the new source cord along with the older model. I honestly did not think there was any room for improvement.
The low level bass response is so accurate i could not believe my ears. I also use the gain on my amplifier. I can tell you no matter what equipment you have it will make them sound 100x better.
My budget system consists of the following.
1. Dynaco pas-4 preamplifier with ge 6dj8's
2. Dynaco cdv-1 cd player with ge 6dj8's
3. Golden tube se-100 octet e34L jj tesla along with 1970s siemens el34 driver tubes. and 1940s 6sl7
4. Symdex Sigma,Omega speaker
5. cables consist of zu cable Gede interconnects and Speaker cables.
For a poor mans audio system it will definately keep up with big boys. Thanks to the Michael Wolffe power cords......
I purchased a PC from another highly regarded company, and it arrived yesterday. I sold
it today. Not at all a bad cable. Pretty clear, actually. And in all fairness, it is a fraction of the price, so the comparisons are perhaps unfair. But I am not writing to compare your cable to others. Rather, I am evaluating it on its own merits, and in relation to the goals I have for my audio system.

After a mere four days with your cable in my system, I'm amazed at the width and depth of the soundstage. We have absolutely the worst room for audio, and I've never heard this big of a soundstage from any system. My wife and I have been to many high end dealers, and I'm telling you, NOTHING comes close to the cavernous, lifelike sound that is coming from our system right now.

In order to really test the cable, we played some heavy rock (Tool) on our system, which is oriented more towards the jazz & classical genres. Other than the horns being too bright on the more layered sections, the sound
was perfectly clear, and simply massive. I should specify that we are running a 7W SET amp and Klipsch La Scala's!The bass response was extraordinary. It literally shook the house. What's startling to me is that you said to wait a full month before it really opens up, and we've been playing the cable for all of four days!

The sound is perfectly live, and as a professional
drummer for over a decade, I developed a preference for that type of sound. The tension and dynamics in the vocals, the pocket playing of the bassist, I want to feel it more than hear it. And thanks to your cable, that is happening.

I've never put a lot of stock into high end cables, and maybe it's because I'm rarely wowed by the sound, even when auditioning at the boutique audio dealers. And they are always using pricey cables. But I must say that this cable has done more to have me understand the potential for capturing the energy of the players than any other piece in my system. A superb product!