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Jax2 (Marco P.)
Such a loss.  I met Marco in '94, and was fortunate to spend a lot of time with him over the years.  An immense talent, and truly ahead of his time in the photography realm.  He also happened to be the person who introduced me to high-end audio, a... 
Danny Gatton & Joey DeFrancesco
Danny Gatton is in my all-time top-3...amazing player! 
845 Tube vs KT90
i guess I want a tube amp to deliver the lows and highs with minimium roll off. And no muddy/murky/smokey mid section.Based upon your comments here, and in previous threads, I would suggest listening to some push/pull designs. >>unless the t... 
Power cable for tube output cdp
DCCA - The Source power cable!Use it on my Consonance DROPLET CD Player with great results!!!Hifijunkieoz (Threads | Answers)01-06-07: JayctoyI agree with Hifijunkieoz.He said his budget was $250. The Source is $550.I would recommend trying out an... 
The Dead
They never said they were music lovers, only fans of The Grateful Dead. I've been around long enough to know not to read anything into what politcians say.Well said, Beavis, he-he-he...politicians will even pretend they're human if they think it'l... 
What's better than Oritek X-2
hoover, eureka, dust devilLet's not leave out Dyson, the Linda Lovelace of vacuums. 
The Dead
Don't you mean: Nancy and her ship of fools (while quite hairy) managed a standing ovulation?Yes, men & women alike. Reportedly, even Dubya stopped by on return from vacation--it was that time of the month, after all--to rip a mean air guitar ... 
Review: TRL Audio Mirror D1 Signature DA converter
Will somebody please tell me what TRL stands for?In some circles, it stands for Total Request Live . But you probably want Tube Research Labs . 
The Dead
Apparently, Nancy & Harry serenaded their respective houses with a karaoke version of "Ship of Fools". Standing ovation, the papers said. 
The Shape of the Watt / Puppy and Others
What Tvad said...ditto in my book.Ozzy, exactly how much are you willing to spend? 
The Shape of the Watt / Puppy and Others
I have heard the Sophia 2 but I still preferred the Watt/Puppy 8.Me, too...and me, too.Please post your impressions of anything you get to hear. 
What music is your system setup for?
Every system is a compromise of one sort or another. You cannot play 18 holes with 3 clubs, run a restaurant with 3 knives, or hear every genre at its best with one audio system. I have experienced a number of systems that sound very good across a... 
The Shape of the Watt / Puppy and Others
My New Years Resolution ...I will do my best to find someone, someplace, somewhere that I can demo the Von Schweikerts VR 4SR Mk2.Excellent plan. Also, would it be worthwhile for you to seek out a Wilson Sophia II for comparison? And if you don't ... 
What's better than Oritek X-2
I wish I could agree with the above respondents, but I really think that I'm the one who should do the listening for you, prior to you deciding which cables to buy. Sound good?Jokes aside, take this for what its worth:- Want speed & detail? IM... 
The Shape of the Watt / Puppy and Others
Ozzy, what do you want that you don't have with the Legacy speakers? Are you really just looking for something that looks like a WP? You haven't said, do you like the WP sound? And which WP did you hear?To my ear, the VR4Sr and the Hyperion 938--h...