Review - modded EAD 8800 pro processor by Nobel

Category: Home Theater

It has been awhile since I've had a good two channel pre-amp in my system, the last unit being a ARC-25 with NOS tubes. I have been thinking about buy a ARC-26 or an Aesthetix. I heard both of these units at mu local shops and like them both quite a bit and they do have the HT pass through.

I had to send my EAD unit to Nobel Electric, as I was having some software problems which they said they could fix. And as long as I was sending it in, I told them to go ahead and up-grade / moddify the unit because in general I thought the EAD was a pretty good sounding processor and would still need the unit for movies etc. even if I got a new two channel pre-amp.

It's been about a month now since I have gotten my EAD Theater Master 8800 Pro back from Noble Electic and all I can say is WOW!!!!
I had pretty much everything done that they do to these units and I just can't get over how much better the unit sounds. There isn't a single area that has not been improved. I have no desire at all now for any of the above pre-amps.

If you own any EAD equipment, do your self a favor and send it to these guys... it wasn't cheap but IMHO it is now the best sounding processor I have heard and a is now a world class pre-amp in the analog pass through mode.

Now I really want to up grade my turntable!

The rest of my equipment is:
- Ayre V1X amp for the two fronts speakers
- (2) Ayre V3's (bi-amped for the center) and one for the rears
- Sony XA9000 SACD player
- Music Hall MMF-7 turntable with Shure V15
- Primare phono stage
- 5 idenical custom NorthCreek speaker with external crossovers and Cardas internal wiring
- 2 custom Northcreek 18" subs driven by a Threshold 500SE amp
- wiring is either Cardas or NBS
- 4 separate 20amp power runs supply the juice.