Review: NAD c521-bee CD Player

Category: Digital

The Nad C521-BEE is a well built smooth and clean sounding machine. Tested with rock, classical, and new age music, the machine delivered very neutral sound stage with great low level linearity. even the faintest details can be heard. I actually purchased 2 machines. Althought I have much more gear than I mention in this review both much more and a little less expensive as well, this machine is just a good value period. It's 20 bit Burr-brown dac really does the job and I truly beleive those guys at NEW ACOUSTIC DIMENSION took every effort to calibrate them right. In comparison to my much more expensive Rotel,and my vintage Technics SLP-999, The Nad came just a tenth of performance shy of the rotel, and with the old 999,Low level linearity was better on the Technics, But the Nad beat the old bitch out in terms of breath and air. You truly would have to spend 5 to 10 times more to get a machine that is better. And for people on a budget, TRUE hi performance at a price that was unheard of just 5 0r 6 years ago.

Associated gear
Adcom gtp 400 tuner/pre-amp...Onkyo Integra M-508 power amp.... Prophile speakers
I had a CD player Sony, having upgraded to the NAD brought huge improvements in sound clarity and dynamics. The problem is that the C521 BEE is not fully compatible with recorded CDs. Many of my CDRs that were played smoothly in the Sony cannot be read by the NAD. I returned one player becuase of this, but met exactly the same problem with the replacement.

I would not reccomend this CD player if you listen to CDRs.