REVIEW: Nick Masons Saucerful Of Secrets-Live At The Roundhouse

The back story is Nick Mason was bored with early retirement after David Gilmour decided he wanted to focus on his solo career, and with Rick Wright deceased, it looked like retirement was in the cards for Nick.  For those of you who do not know, Nick Mason has been Pink Floyd's drummer since day one and is the only band member to have played on every album released.  Nick talked with Guy Pratt who took over the bass playing on all the later Pink Floyd tours and albums after Roger Waters left the band and they got a few more musician friends together to form a new band.  Nick wanted to focus on Pink Floyds early songs, songs that hadn't been played in almost 50 years.  Some of the songs had never been performed live, up until now.

This is a 2CD and 1 DVD set featuring their highly acclaimed concert at The Roundhouse in London.  As one of Pink Floyds biggest fans, some of these songs had not been heard by me in over 45 years!  The music set focuses on the early Pink Floyd years from 1967 until 1972 and starts with the "Piper At The Gates Of Dawn" record, all the way through "Obscured by Clouds" which was their last album before DSOTM made its debut.  The music sounds better than the originals as the sound is much clearer, tighter and you can now actually hear the drums in the mixes.

Many of the songs from "Astronmy Domine" to "Obscured By Clouds" have a new and exciting twist to them which leaves one wanting for more and more.  At the price of $27.00 for the 2 CD's and DVD concert, it is a steal.  Sonics: A+, Performance:  A.  Very highly recommended.
Thanks for the heads  up!
Just added it to my Roon list from Qobuz.
Love early Floyd as the very first song I ever heard of theirs was
“ see Emily Play”
Played some in the car this morning, only about 20 minutes but sounding very good.

Will it be released on vinyl I wonder?

Nm, I see it is already......
Could not help
Just bought it on vinyl, 2 x 150g records for $40 shipped.
Wow just listened to the 2 CDs then watched the DVD in 5.1 which brings it to another level. The DVD alone is worth the price of admission.