Review: NY City Birdland Tweak

Category: Accessories

I'm here to place a realy odd review but just realy for such concert season I stopped listening to my stereo and go for the live performances in small venues.
Such venue is famous Birdland.
The sound is excellent wherever you're sitting. The first part of concert I was sitting aside from musicians but on the next performance(you don't have to pay extra $30 only $10 minimum cover). It was a realy great jazz-band performance of well known to me Igor Butman that cheered up everyone with his pyrotechic sax along with famous Randy Brecker. I remained for the next show which was different from previous since my wish was to listen more to that great accoustic jazz that was I believe barely amplified and sounded fantastic there.
Nearly the same venues where you relax, drink wine or beer and listen to the music is Joe's Pub and Bottom Line club in New York.

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