Review on Bricasti Design M3 DAC

My review was just posted on Stereo Times website on the Bricasti Design M3 DAC. If you are searching for a DAC/streamer/analog volume control DAC, no preamp needed with the M3, in the price range of $5,000, you might want to get the details of why you might want to audition this piece. It's superlative in both build quality, innovative design, and most importantly in it's beautiful musical performance.

All the latest M3  have Roon available via your music server or computer
through a Melco  N10 ,or iinnous zenith , the sound is noticeably better.
Does the Innuos output goes through, or without the M3 optional server?

I am currently running a Chord Qutest being fed via USB from my Innuos Zenith mkIII. I was thinking of upgrading the Qutest and the M3 is on my short list, along with the Hugo TT2 and Denafrips Pontus or Venus. Anyone compare the M3 with a Hugo TT2? I don't need the headphone or amp stuff I just need a DAC. I love the Qutest, but I think its the weaker link in my digital chain right now.
jmphotography, what DAC did your Qutest replace?
Do you think there's a substantial improvement between the Innous Zen and the Zenith? 
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@garynospamm, The Bricasti M3 Manual says "The M3 features 2 fully differential conversion channels, each with its own D/A converter, and analog level control circuitry. With our twin DAC design, the dynamic range for each channel is optimized by using the stereo ADI 1955 D/A converters in a mono configuration for PCM conversion, clocking is implemented with a technique called DDS (direct digital synthesis) which takes clock induced jitter to immeasurable levels. DSD is converted with our own proprietary one bit analog converter".

"The M3 features 2 digital audio conversion paths, 1 for PCM which utilizes a sigma delta type, and for DSD is a true one bit modulator of our own design and unique to the industry. This DSD conversion is a true 1 bit analog converter followed by an analog post noise filter. The result is a true a pure DSD play back unlike any other converter in the market. It is recommended that this feature be selected in the status menu labeled NDSD, setting to DSD PCM will use the ADI 1955 as the multi-bit converter which will impart a different sound character". Please see the Bricasti M3 Manual for more details. 

This means your PCM source albums use the PCM converter setting and your DSD source albums use the DSD setting. My Bricasti M21 DAC requires me to SELECT PCM or DSD based on my source material (PCM or DSD). If you need more info, please call Bricasti Customer Support.

BTW, my Bricasti M21 DAC has a delta sigma DAC setting, a ladder DAC setting and a DSD setting. There is a knob on the front panel that is used to select the required setting.