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Perlisten D212 Subs (2) in the house.
I can't access the application. According to one review the sub generates a single 40Hz test tone. Makes adjustments to itself at its location across eleven parametric frequency bands?      
Geddes multiple subwoofer method - 3 subs vice 4
@rauliruegas  If you should happen on a used Plus in any size I think you might be amazed. All the best.  
Geddes multiple subwoofer method - 3 subs vice 4
My subwoofers offer high pass connectivity and filtering. The manufactures instructions suggests:   If your main amplifier has difficulty driving your main speakers bass to your satisfaction then give the subs high pass circuit a try. If your ma... 
15k USD Speakers for Classical and Pop Extended Listening, Near setup, Low volume
http://www.vandersteen.com/products/treo-ct https://www.vandersteen.com/products/vandersteen-sub-three  
What makes a good hotel speaker?
Constantly amazed by the ability of those setting up the systems and the stunning accomplishments made by some by the last day of the show.     
full range or mini's and a sub
  @asmithkash   Really in my dreams I add some subs maybe a swarm and a Bach and call it a day.  An Audio Kinesis Swarm is brilliantly functional and an economical design that will serve you regardless of the speakers used or the room their in,... 
full range or mini's and a sub
I'm a lazy idiot. Twelve years ago I bought two subs that remotely control fourteen low frequency based slopes, levels and parameters within eight discrete frequency bands. As low frequency sweep tones are played through the mains they automatical... 
Thoughts on an older REL sub?
Richard Edmund Lord (REL) termed his products Sub-Bass systems as they are -6dB at their rated low frequency, even today. This dramatic low frequency roll off allows for greater room placement flexibility as they do not excite the rooms standing w... 
JBL K2 S9900 vs Klipsch Heritage Jubilee Horn Speakers.
@pindac The investigations are being done, as the Speakers are totally deserved of finding the ancillaries to act as partners, that really allows them to sing at their very best.  I read your post as the heart of this hobby.  While I've never ex... 
Thoughts on an older REL sub?
@highend64 REL are extremely different. You might want to take advantage of the companies in home demonstration period.   
JL Audio Fathom
I haven't been without subwoofers since the sixties. After giving away my early Technics SL 1200 for a belt driven Well Tempered Classic I experienced that Basis Audio's A.J. Conti was defiantly onto turntable drive belt irregularities and aging.... 
Subwoofer - is there one that would work in this situation?
Mr. Chesky's -6dB minimally controlled sub-bass speakers are extremely forgiving of room placement simply because they don't output frequency low enough to excite a rooms bass modes. A properly positioned and optimized -3dB subwoofer can provide ... 
Cerwin Vega owner
@no_r_way    Mostly PA components. One of the first big powered solid state amps the Cerwin-Vega A-1800-A, two V-B12's and a B-36. Despite the typical PA thrashing Czerwinski's stuff worked terrific right up to being sold. I still have the B-36. ... 
JL Audio Fathom
If you haven't already, perform the subwoofer crawl and map your rooms two loudest standing wave bass modes. Position the ML 1100X's in those modes then recalibrating them. Despite the level of noticeable improvement at least you'll know that room... 
Velodyne ULD-15 Rebuild
I'd ask here. https://www.georgemeyer-av.com/velodyne-subwoofers/