Review: Parasound HCA-1205a Multichamp

Category: Amplifiers

I have had this amp over a year and am contiually impressed by its neutrality. I listen to jazz and female vocalist and find that it truly lets the artist shine through. It is not the most detailed amp but that is not bad in that it does not give the sound a sharp, solid state edge. I originally compared it in an A/B with a YBA. It won me over. Previously, I was using a Harman/Kardon reciever and there is no comparison. At the time it was the single greatest improvement in my system with the Reciever becoming a preamp. Better bass, cleaner highs, less grain and a clearer center channel voices on movies. Power to spare because the 140W rating is conservative. It drives 87dB efficient Von Schweikerts easily.

The build is solid weighing in at 69lbs and has very utilitarian looks. It is also longer than the average rack. A rack with tri supports would be a problem. It is fused externally and interanlly as I found out when I crossed wires on the live amp. The tech replacing the fuse commented on the build quality of the amp.

If money was no object I would probably move up to the Parasound 2205a for home theater and have a two channel tube system for music but alas.......

Associated gear
Anthem AVM-2, CAL-15 CDP, Harmonic Recovery System, Von Schweikert VR3's, ACI emerald center speaker, PSB Ambient 1 surrounds, ACI titan II sub
I agree with Entrope,very good amp for the money,but mine only weigh's 47 lbs.Big improvement over Denon 3802 built ins,w/Klipsch rf7,sounds great,2205at would be needed only to drive the most demanding speakers.