REVIEW: Purist 20th Anniversary Contego Power Cord

Category: Cables

I recently purchased a one meter Purist Audio 20th Anniversary Contego Power
Cord. Because my budget would only allow one, I decided to place it on my integrated amp (Sim Audio i-7), under the theory that all my components would benefit somewhat as a result.

After burning in the cord for the manufacturer recommended 100 hours, I wanted to post some thoughts and observations I've had on the cable.

It replaced an Analysis Plus Power Oval 2 cord. While I enjoyed the AP product,

I have recently rewired my entire collection of interconnects and speaker cables

with Purist products (Venustas), and wanted to move my power cords in that direction for the sake of system synergy.

I noticed a couple immense improvements. Primarily, the Purist Anniversay managed to both improve the midrange markedly AND enhance my ability to make out background detail.

With most power cords I've tried, you either get one or the other. You can either get more pronounced midrange but at the expense of background nuance, or you get enhanced background information but the midrange becomes smeared in with the rest of the sound.

Also, the bass seems to have become a little more precise, almost as if some of the bloom has been removed from teh low end.

I've also noticed some improvements on the high end, especially with percussion instruments (esp. cymbals). It seems to sound just a bit more crisp up there.

So in the end, the Purist has given me everything I've ever hoped for in a power cord. This is not meant as a shot at the Analysis Plus cord I owned previously; in fact it's something of a compliment. The AP cable probably gave me 40-50% of the Purist's performance at 10% of the cost.

But now that I own the Purist Audio 20th Anniversary Contego power cord, I have no intention of turning back. If anything, I hope to add in another one for my source, when the budget allows, and possibly even move my interconnects and speaker wires further up the Purist line when I'm able to.
I appreciate the mini review. While this cord comes at a good price (expensive) it's nice to know you feel you have gotten your money's worth. Also, I feel when you get one on the source you will double your peasure all over again, (to be sure).
I know this brand has been Albert's cable of choice for a long time; which speaks volumes for the brand.